Sunday, 29 December 2013

200 Syrians have camped out in the Plaza de España in Melilla, next to the immigration offices, demanding to be transferred to Europe.
Despite everything, he declares that they would be safer in Syria than in CETI [tn: 'refugee' reception centre in Melilla], given that the presence of the Algerians disturbs the tranquillity of the rest of the immigrants. According to Mohamed, supported by some of his compatriots, when they are in the centre they have to take great care in order to avoid being the victim of robberies, altercations or something worse, because, according to what he says, when night falls the Algerians enter the bedrooms where their wives and daughters are sleeping.

According to the Syrians, the Algerians even have "long knives". "Where are our rights? Is this Europe? I'm better off in my own country," protests Mohamed.
Source: El Mundo H/T: Maria José


Maria José said...

Los sirios seguirán acampados hasta conseguir su ‘pase’ a la península

Insisten en que no quieren volver al CETI, donde la sobreocupación del centro y el colectivo argelino hacen la convivencia insostenible. “No volveremos al CETI. De la Plaza de España al barco. Es el camino”, afirma Mohamed.

Maria José said...

Fotos de los sirios acampados:

Anonymous said...

they're gonna find eurpoe alot worse in 10 years time

Anonymous said...

Stay there you animals

parisclaims said...

To be fair there were a few women & kids there. Most "refugees" seem to be adult males of fighting age.

Roni said...

When should we demand that all of them can find a nice place in hell? Europe is not a suitable place for third world shit. We don't like the Sharia here.

Vishagan Ketheeswaran said...

Hell No!!!

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