Monday, 30 December 2013
These are extracts from a letter published in the magazine of the German police trade union, written by Tania Kambouri, a policewoman of Greek parentage who was born and grew up in Germany.
Like most cities in the Ruhr, Bochum also has a high proportion of immigrants, especially in the inner city. My colleagues and I are daily confronted by immigrants committing crimes, the majority of them Muslims (Turks, Arabs, Lebanese, etc.), who do not show the slightest respect for the police. For them, the lack of respect starts in childhood.

We are insulted on the street every day when we show ourselves, for example. When deployed, a discussion in a quiet tone is often impossible. As a female immigrant, I, especially, have more problems with most immigrants than my German colleagues. Foreign citizens mostly see me as one of them and thus as a traitor. Either they don't deign to look at me or speak to me in their language, generally to gain more sympathy. And several times each day I'm asked: are you a Turk?

I often take home with me the stress I experience when dealing with immigrants who are committing crimes. Over the long term, something like that can only lead to physical and/or psychological illness.

An example: not long ago I drove with a female colleague in response to a request for help. The caller was a Turkish man. When he saw two women, he became very loud and spoke to me in an unbelievably inappropriate tone, telling me to "come here". I replied telling him I could also go away again and he told me I should do that. I reported the citizen's behaviour to the dispatch centre. At the same time he called there and said he wanted only male police. The dispatch centre discussed it with us and we agreed that we would drive there again. If the citizen acted in the same way, the deployment was finished as far as we were concerned. That is what happened. The citizen saw us and started shouting at us in a snotty way. That was the end of the deployment. Quite right too.

My German friends and colleagues often say they no longer feel at home in their own country. I can confirm that I, as an immigrant, no longer feel at ease in many city districts as a result of the excessive number of foreign criminals. My German colleagues are reluctant to an express an opinion about the foreign criminals because straightaway the same old "Nazi" tune starts up again.

...The police are becoming ever more helpless. Individual officers can impose limits, but without backing from politicians or the courts these will increasingly lapse.

The events reported by colleagues or the media (for example: patrol car drives slowly and is attacked by immigrants in Berlin), are incredible. It cannot be that we, as police officers, barely have any rights left and have to fear being sanctioned every time we assert ourselves and take some legal(!) step against a immigrant who has committed a crime - whether it be physical force or not. It cannot be that such people who pay no heed the Constitution and have set up an (illegal) parallel society here - which is autonomous in every respect - are left to do whatever they want here, because they have nothing to do with the German state.
Source: Deutsche Polizei Via: PI


Reality Check said...

There you have it. The invaders rule the roost and the politicians ignore it. Who are the real traitors to Germany?

CRUSADER said...

This is nothing compared to what will unfold in the future..

Anonymous said...

No law and order. and rome burns...

Anonymous said...

The Turk is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Charge him with "wasting police time". There are female police officers in Turkey.

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