Tuesday, 3 December 2013

In France, in recent years, it has become one of the commonplaces of multicult propaganda to say that the French people owe Muslims a moral debt for their supposed role in helping defeat the Nazis when fighting as colonial troops. A film, released in English as Days of Glory, was even made to hammer the message home.
"They were sent there to terrorise and humiliate the population. At the start of, in Dordogne, the methods of the large companies of soldiers in the Middle Ages were applied." Patrice Rolli, historian and ethnologist, recounts in a new book (1) the story of the North-African phalangists sent to the area by the Gestapo to track down resistance fighters. A unit that has sad memories associated with it, which the Périgordins referred to as "bicots" [wogs], taken from the colonials colonials.

This unit of about fifty men was based in Périgueux opposite the Kommandantur, in the building where BNP is now based. It was composed of auxiliaries of North-African origin, recruited in the lower-class districts of Paris and led by notorious gangsters, notably Henri Lafont. The latter was close to Pierre Bonny, a police officer from Périgourd whose career was retraced by Guy Penaud a few years ago.
Source: sudouest.fr

Somehow, I don't think the French government will be subsidising a film about this any time soon.


Dr Bazooka said...

Since this propaganda film (Days of Glory, (Indigènes), 2006), it is repeated, and repeated, and repeated that France was liberated by... the Arabs.
Stalingrad ? Huh ? Who's this guy ?
The American landing ? Ah yes ! On the moon.
Hardly an exaggeration.

Dr Bazooka said...

The WWII's Moroccan goumiers. (Adaptation of Malaparte's novel "The skin"). The first sequence is funny, but the audio is in French. The second is repugnant and easily comprehensible.)



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