Wednesday, 11 December 2013
"Dirty Frenchwoman, dirty bitch!" For Sophie (1), there is no doubt: the insults were certainly addressed to her. They were offered at the school exit by friends of the two "jeunes" who were expelled the day before during a disciplinary council.
Source: Le Point

She's also being escorted to the train station in the evenings in case she is physically attacked.


Anonymous said...

And of course it all falls into place. Eventually, no white European teacher will teach at schools with a high number of Muslims. Europeans will not want their kids in them either and ... bingo, the school becomes Muslim. Then the neighborhood becomes Muslim as whites move out. Then the region. Then local government becomes Muslim and so on.

Given enough time they will first take over the government. When that happens they own the country.

Anonymous said...

"Sale Francais!"

Often heard anywhere in France. Because of the pronounciation - the 's' is mute - it can normally be understood as an insult to French in general. When it, however, is pronounced

"Sale Francaise!" (F) (with the latter 's' pronounced)

there is no doubt that it is about a female. Orally there is no difference between F Sing and F Plural.

Take Syria, for one. 1 400 years of taking over. Or, Egypt. The indiginous peoples in these old cultures are still hunted down, one way or the other. Where muslims invade, there will never be peace.

Not even after 1 400 years

Anonymous said...

I remember when chewing gum and running in the hallways were the worst problems in school. Now teachers have to deal with sub-humans.

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