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Henryk Broder is a fairly prominent figure in the Counterjihad movement. He is often quoted approvingly on the biggest German-language anti-Islam site, PI (Politically Incorrect). He is or was on the board of the organisation set up by the Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard: The Westergaard Foundation.

Here are some extracts from an interview Broder gave to the newspaper tachles ("The Jewish Weekly Magazine") on 14 July, 2006. The interviewer's remarks are in italics.
In Europe the discussion about Israel also takes place in the context of the topic of Muslim immigration. Do European countries need to make compromises in view of the scale of the migratory movement?

Europe is already making concessions, with ten per cent Muslims in France and five per cent Muslims in the Federal Republic [of Germany] ... In principle I have nothing against Muslims coming to Europe now, quite the opposite.

But there are now Muslims who are not willing to integrate or not capable of being integrated. But because this is seen as racism, they talk about parallel societies. Here there are Indian, Japanese, Persian parallel societies, which you don't hear anything about, which do not represent any danger or threat.


What, in all seriousness, I consider a good thing is that this demographic structure of Europe can no longer be maintained. The sooner the Europeans see that, the better. Some cities are already highly coloured and no longer "Aryan" white, and I have nothing against that.

Does a coloured Europe mean that it will no longer be the source of catastrophes?

It could mean that. But it could also mean that Europe ceases to exist.

...Europe is simply expecting, I believe, some type of disaster. The people know that they owe their well-being to a very extended looting of the third world.

But you see immigration into Europe as regeneration. Is that the opportunity?

Yes. Europe will be different, and that is the only chance it actually has: to revitalise itself with the people it actually doesn't want to have. The question is only whether it will give up its political system. I would be happy to give up white Europe, but I wouldn't want to give up democratic Europe.
Source: tachles.ch [Requires payment] The article is reproduced here

Here we see persistent themes of Jewish intellectual activism: Europe is the "source" of disasters, not of prosperity, enlightenment and civilisation. The false Marxist claim that European prosperity came from looting the third-world is repeated without quibble, even though analyses show that imperialism was usually unprofitable. Immigration is an "opportunity", Europe's "only chance"; it offers "regeneration".

"White Europe", meaning a continent inhabited by its indigenous people, the people who worked and toiled and fought and struggled over the centuries and millennia to make it what it is, is seen as a bad thing. Note the third-person description of "the Europeans" not "we Europeans" even though this is a German-language magazine published in Switzerland and Broder was born in Poland and has lived most of his life in Germany, although he also spent some time in Israel.

This same Henryk Broder, however, is noted as a passionate advocate for Israel. He is notorious for levelling charges of anti-semitism against those who criticise the policies of the Israeli government. So he readily accepts the idea of a people being entitled to a homeland of their own, as long as it's his own people, the Jews; but he denies the moral entitlement of Europeans to their homelands. This is the classic Jewish hypocrisy we have become all too familiar with.

And, like much of the Counterjihad movement, he strives to dissociate islamisation from immigration. Immigration is great, even immigration of Muslims. It's just "non-integratable" Muslims who are the problem. Here we see against the core intellectual moral and intellectual failure of much of the Counterjihad movement, especially the large Jewish element within it: the failure to accept that islamisation is the consequence of immigration. Immigration is always a dice roll. Or rather an unending series of dice rolls. Or perhaps barrel rolls of a loaded gun in a game of Russian roulette would be a better metaphor. Replacing the people and culture of countries that have been historically successful, wealthy and free with the people and culture of countries that historically have been unsuccessful, poor and unfree was always likely to produce some kind of disaster, if not many. Islamisation is the worst of those disasters. Yet still, even in those aware of how grave the threat it presents now is, we see no assumption of moral responsibility, no apology, for the previous and even continuing advocacy of immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and "human rights". This is the complex of ideas has brought disaster upon us, disaster that threatens the continued existence of our civilisation. Yet many of the people reacting to the first symptoms of that disaster still cling to the ideas that brought it about.

Are these the people who are going to save Europe? This is the measure of our desperation: that even many of the people who may appear to be trying to save us from Islam have the same hostile attitude towards the indigenous peoples and cultures of Europe that brought the Mohammedan catastrophe about in the first place.


sheik yer'mami said...

You are very wrong in suggesting that islamisation is caused by "Jewish activism" as if that was a movement; it isn't. You are also wrong to suggest that much of the Counterjihad movement dissociates islamisation from immigration. I certainly don't and I would disassociate from those who do. It is no secret that the Muslim invasion of Europe is engineered by the socialists in England, Scandinavia, Germany and more than anything from the EUSSR in Brussels. Broder may be confused, he may like to pretend that race has nothing to do with it, (because it is the fashionable thing to do) but he doesn't do it with sinister intentions, as you seem to imply. As a Jew, I am a Zionist and I stand against Islamisation and collectivism whether it is in Australia, in Europe in Israel or anywhere else. Is there a sinister conspiracy behind this? Certainly not. Stop barking up the wrong tree!

Anonymous said...

So then we mark Broder as a typical leftwing nutjob right along with Tony Blair and Labour party and move on. How many high-level, non-Jewish, government officials (like Anjela Merckel) are there that have made significant contributions to 3rd worldising the west? I could name president after president of western countries who are in on it. It. Is. Shocking.

Yet, fantastically, we want to focus only on leftwing nutjob Jews. This is what seperates those who need a padded cell from those who dont. And no, I am not trying to insult you. Just see the larger picture. Focus on the big daddy rats who are playing us all and find the Jews useful for their purposes.

Anonymous said...

I posted a shocking quote from US president George W Bush, someone who had an awesome amount of world-changing power, that revealed how he desired to transform the US into Hispania and no one says a thing. This was not a small bit lefty Jew but a two-time president of the United States!

eh, didn't notice, he's not a Jew, who cares....

Anonymous said...

Both Europe and the US were fundamentally transformed beginning in the 1960s into the bastions of Third World enrichment that we have today. Who were the presidents and prime ministers at that time? What group of people made up the bodies of parliment and congress, the law makers, at that time?

We're not talking about a handful of Jewish bit-players here. The people who had the reins of power firmly in their hands were non-Jewish White men.

Lyndon Johnson, president of the United States, a man with a river of White blood on his hands, was the man most responsible for bringing about the "great society" starting in the 1960s in the US. He transferred billions of dollars from Whites to Blacks in welfare schemes and filled the courts with leftist judges. Affirmitive action programs designed to promote Blacks at the expense of Whites was signed off by him. This was no Jew.

John F Kennedy forced the integration of schools at gunpoint forcing our children to comingle with Africans. This was no Jew.

Look at your own countries there in Europe. Who were your leaders at that time? Have they no responsibility for your condition today?

Anonymous said...

We don't particularly care if there are sinister intentions are not. We are being driven to extinction either way.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


First, I haven't said that islamisation is "caused" by Jewish activism. Jewish activism, whether in the advocacy of multiculturalism, diversity, the criminalisation of free speech, Communism, or the regular use of the "Hitler stick" against Europeans who speak out against immigration has, however, played a non-trivial aggravating role in it.

Second, I have not suggested that this Jewish activism is part of some malevolent plot to destroy the goy. Although not discussed in this article, elsewhere I have suggested it is caused more by subconscious empathic bias, rather than conscious malevolence. I don't doubt that most of the Jews involved in the promotion of these ideas sincerely believe they are making the world a better place. Nor do I doubt that these ideas can arise spontaneously, rather than through some conspiracy. Scientific experiments have shown that we empathise more greatly with those who are genetically like us. This differential sense of empathy, based on genetic affinity, explains many behavioural patterns, including those related to crime, political activism, etc.

Nor do I dispute that there are Jews who do not share these ideas and even oppose them. It's a shame they seem, for the most part, unwilling to acknowledge the role their fellow Jews, including quasi-official Jewish organisations, have played in bringing this catastrophe about, however, and insist on anathematising anyone who dares to talk about it, regardless of how balanced or how well-supported by evidence their statements are.

Most of the North American counterjihad sites are now boycotting me because I have dared to raise these issues for discussion. I acknowledge that your site, BareNakedIslam, and EJ Bron's site (in Dutch), all run by Jews, are exceptions and continue to link to me. In some ways actual Jews seem less scared of what I have to say on this subject than non-Jews who have had a lifelong fear of being called antisemitic instilled into them.

Regardless, I will continue to highly the role of Jewish organisations and intellectuals in promoting anti-European ideas and the multicult agenda more generally. And the anathema reaction I have encountered only reinforces my conviction that this is an issue that must be discussed.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you give Jewish orgs the benefot of the doubt when they don't even abide by the egalitarianism they push on the goyim. If they consistently opposed nationalism for Israel as well as white countries, then it would be reasonable to suppose they are sincere, misguided liberals who don't mean any harm. But they don't, so a reasonable person is left to assume they are deliberately promoting our destruction with immigration and multiculturalism.

Jake-a-runi said...

Absolute and complete demographic excision (both repatriation and depatriation) is the only remedy.

Anonymous said...

Economic-Marxism: Jews organized and radicalized the labor unions as a revolutionary force to overthow eastern European nations and install themselves as the new elites. The Bolshevik Revolution was simply a Jewish power grab.

Cultural Marxism: Jews are importing and organizing Blacks, Middle Easterners, Asians which are joining forces with feminists, gays, etc., to create a new power base, which they will use to gain control of Europe, Australia, and North America.

The various activist groups and immigrants are force multipliers.

Anonymous said...

it appears jews have been heavily involved in enslaving and trafficking women http://www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/2012/07/25/Official-Report-of-the-Jewish-International-Conference-on-the-suppression-of-the-traffic-in-girls-and-women

Anonymous said...

So, what he's basically saying is that Jews are all for flooding Europe with Jew-hating Islamic religious fanatics so that Europeans will stop kvetching about Israel?

Well, the Europeans may stop complaining about Israel because they've got their hands full of demented Muslim invaders, but once the natives are all genocided, leaving nothing but Muslim hordes with nuclear weapons and the rest of the European arsenal, one wonders how this anti-European fool will feel then.

sheik yer'mami said...

There you go: attacks like this bring out anti-Semitism of the worst kind. Posts like this attract every Stormfront and conspiracy crackpot from Dagestan to Timbuktu. 9/11 trufers, Nazis, crazies and genocidal Muselmaniacs of the world, unite! Bring back the concentration camps! Drive the Jews into the sea!

I'm outta here!

Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget Barbara Spectre's organization with its goal to "multicult" Europe:


I think we know what that means...

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


So it's an "attack" now, is it? No, it's a translation and a commentary on a translation, not an attack. The fact that this subject is repressed from the sphere of acceptable discussion, even in a fringe movement like the Counterjihad, is what causes overly lurid and paranoid theories to grow up around it. The solution to that problem is to discuss the issue in a responsible, evidence-driven manner, not to react like a Muslim and accuse anyone who dares to broach the subject of being motivated by irrational hatred or a desire to exterminate.

Anonymous said...

The poor sheik didn't know about the 1910 conference, no doubt he would have attended had he been born a few years earlier. He is the kind of guy who fervently believes in free and open discourse and the dissemination of information - even the un flattering kind

Anonymous said...

No Jew caused the cataclysms that have racked Europe since France were defeated by Russia in the 18th century. Yes, Jews are the intellectuals in pretty much all societies except the Far East, but, it is the political leadership of these countries which are driving this beautiful continent into complete self immolation. My opinion is when Europe lost its Christianity then it lost its way and it is now beholden to all the dark fantasies of Fascism, Communism and -- by far the worst as time shall show -- Multiculturalism.

But, on the bright side of things, Spain was conquered by the muzzies for 700 to 800 years, completely extirpated these beasts from their soil and returned to the Faith. I have faith in Europe. Saint Paul was sent by G-d to convert Europe. He establish the Church in Rome and it shall not ever fall as promised by G-d. Although the Europeans have abandoned G-d, G-d shall not abandoned them. I am struck by the language of Spain and France. To say good bye, one says adios or adieu. aDios. A Dios or A Dieu. That is, when one left they were given to G-d for protection so that they may return safely. I do not say good bye to Europe. I say A Dios.

Anonymous said...

@sheik yer'mami

"I'm outta here!"

Something tells me you'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:49 In response to your comments about former US president Lyndon Johnson I would point out he helped to prepare a coverup and whitewash for the Israelis when they deliberately attacked an American vessel (the USS Liberty) tried to sink it and then blame it on the Arabs.

Reality Check said...

I'll be sure to put Henryk Broder on my traitors and enablers list. Talk about your antiwhite racist. That's Henryk Brrder.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a translation of the entire article, please? I clicked on the second link you provided and let Google translate it, and, going by the broken English, it seems that some of the sections you posted may have been taken out of context. The excerpt you provided makes Broder's comments seem quite malicious, but it seems that that may not be the case. I could be wrong, of course; but either way, I'd like to read a coherent translation of the entire thing, if you have one.

KGS said...

The problem of people not content in railing against Leftism per say, they have to find an 'ethnic element' to destructive leftism, tells me that destructive leftism itself was not the real issue in the first place. I could pull the same against ethnic Finns who immigrated to the US, who held a disproportionate representation within the communist party leadership and labor organizations during the turn of the past century. I won't be linking to islam vs europe article anymore. It's now become Islamversuseurope vs the Jews.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@KGS The problem with various people (mostly Jews) telling me they're not going to link to me any more (or just stopping doing it without saying anything) even though the anti-Islam content on this blog is the same as it always was, tells me that, for them, it was never about opposition to Islam in the first place. It was about advancing the interests of Jews. They were only interested in opposing Islam because Islam was opposed to the interests of Jews. When a conflict develops between resisting Islam and advancing the interests of Jews, the kind of conflict this blog now presents to them, they don't need to hesitate about which side to pick. It was always about defending Jews for them, not about resisting Islam, not about defending Europe, not about defending "the West".

But that was always clear from the contents of your blog, with its obsessions about Israel and America. Indeed, it was the example of your blog, and the bizarre impression it creates of how Europeans (assuming you are a European) are so mind-fucked that they have to obsess about foreign countries instead of their own continent, that partly inspired me to create this blog and take it in the direction I have. Incidentally, the traffic you generated was insignificant.

The real issue, KGS, has always been that the peoples of Europe are being subjected to genocide by their own governments. The islamisation of our continent is simply the most obvious destructive manifestation of that. I very much doubt that you could show that ethnic Finns have had a key role in advancing leftism and diversity agenda in the US, in the way that Kevin McDonald does in illustrating the role of Jewish activism in opening up America to immigration in his book Culture of Critique. If you can do it, do it. Maybe you'll impress me and change my mind.

I have no emotional pre-disposition against Jews; if anything, the opposite. However, I go where the facts take me. And this is where the facts have taken me. This blog is an intellectual journey for me and those who follow me. If you don't have the courage to go with me on that journey, so be it.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


No, I don't have a full translation and am not going to do one. Obviously, I selected the bits I thought were relevant to save myself the effort of translating the full thing.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Germany elected Adolf Hitler? Because the Jews were disintegrating the country financially and morally, trying to turn the place into another COMMUNIST BOLSHEVIK HELL HOLE, just like they had done to Christian Russia, killing tens of millions of White people.

Trickster Jews today say that’s nothing but Nazi conspiracy BS, when it was an absolute historical fact!

Rita said...

Someone whom I consider a pillar of the anti-jihadist movement just sent me this message:

" i used to like this site"

Jew-bashing does not need much "encouragement" and Messrs "Anonymous" here seem very eager to do the dirty work for islamists in this thread; the Sheik who knows what he is talking about can rest his case.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The people who claim they used to like the site before but don't any more should spend some time examining their consciences. The anti-Islam content is the same as it always was. Why, then, should they stop liking it? Unless their commitment to resisting Islam was spurious in the first place.

I still visit Pamela Geller's site and link to her even though she disseminates anti-European hate memes. Because my commitment to resisting Islam is real, not spurious. When I have differences with someone else in the anti-jihad movement, I will state them honestly, and continue to welcome the fact that they are at least partial allies. I will not attempt to ostracise them or anathematise them. Fundamentally, what we are doing is bringing information to light in the hope that the information will spark change in the minds of our fellow citizens. The information sits independently of the people who highlight it.

The idea that you would rather have some information not known, even though it is inherently interesting, just because you don't agree with some of the unrelated views of the person who translated it, strikes me as very bizarre indeed. That is clearly the mentality of the people running sites like thereligionofpeace.com that have stopped linking to me. It suggests their commitment to the anti-Jihad cause is less than absolute. Fuck them. I'm not playing by their rules any more.

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