Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Muslims may not believe in Christ, but they certainly want the free presents handed out at celebrations of his birth. Here the French President's wife, Valerie Trierweiler, distributes the Christmas goodies at the Elysée palace. Can you see anyone who looks as if they might be French or Christian?

H/T: Dr Bazooka


Anonymous said...

Ethnicity is not French/European, but their nationality could be French and they could also all be Christian. Another great scoop.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

There's no such thing as French nationality. This artificial distinction between the ancient peoplehood of the peoples of Europe and the construct called citizenship is what lies at the heart of the genocide being inflicted on us. They are aliens. And so, I suspect, are you.

Anonymous said...

Haha CZ! You're going into meltdown now!

Anonymous said...

A new movement is needed. One that will counter what the 60's radicals left us with. This is the attitude our young people in Europe must develop...

Crayola Kid said...

Excellent video! This HAS to happen or we will fade away as others have.

Dr Bazooka said...

It's the same thing EACH year : nearly 100% of Arabs and Africans.

In 2012 :

With Sarkö, 2011 :
(It's not the worst. Some were terrible.)

With Chirac, the photos are lost, but it was the same thing.

Even better. In France, the government pays a premium to the poor households for them to have a nice Christmas :
I'd be curious to know what proportion of beneficiaries celebrate Eid rather than Christmas.

€152 for a single person.
€442 for a couple with four kids.

It's always party time for Western Union !

Anonymous said...

well its good gestureafter the centuries of french colonisation in these continents.

Dr Bazooka said...

Third-worldist's bullshits.

1. The only African country that France colonized for more than a century was Algeria (132 years). (Central African Republic : 53.)
For comparison purposes, France has been colonized by the Romans during 5 centuries.
We've never complained about it to the Italians.

2. As for the "gestures", they have been done, thanks.

"Raymond Cartier disait publiquement ce que les experts ne cessaient d'écrire depuis plusieurs décennies : les colonies sont un inutile fardeau et la France s'est épuisée en construisant en Afrique 50 000 kilomètres de routes bitumées, 215 000 kilomètres de pistes carrossables en toutes saisons, 18 000 kilomètres de voies ferrées, 63 ports équipés, 196 aérodromes, 2000 dispensaires modernes, 600 maternités, 220 hôpitaux dans lesquels les soins et les médicaments sont gratuits.
En 1960, 3 800 000 enfants des colonies africaines sont scolarisés et, dans la seule Afrique noire, 16 000 écoles primaires et 350 écoles secondaires (collèges ou lycées) fonctionnent. En 1960 toujours, 28 000 enseignants venus de France, soit le huitième de tout son corps enseignant, exercent sur le continent africain. Pour la seule décennie 1946-1956, le pays dépense en infrastructures, dans son empire, la somme colossale de 1 400 milliards de francs de l'époque !"
(Bernard Lugan, God bless Africa - Contre la mort programmée du Continent noir, p. 118.)

The colonial empire was a financial bottomless pit, for which we have no nostalgia.
It seems, that it isn't reciprocal.

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