Friday, 22 November 2013

Multi-ethnic societies inevitably give rise to crimes like this. Without the empathic bond that comes from genetic affinity, the threshold for inflicting even atrocious harm on other people is lowered dramatically.
Noticing the victim, a fireman from Lougnon emergency centre didn't hesitate. He borrowed a ladder, put his boots on and plunged into the river.

"There was lots of current and frozen water. He succeeded in reaching the victim who was trying to cling to a bit of wood so she wouldn't sink," declares an officer in the fire service. And even before the arrival of the dinghy and the divers, the fireman succeeded in pulling the victim, a 67-year-old-woman, to the bank. In a state of hypothermia, very shocked, the woman was taken to the emergency department of Purpan hospital.

The woman got better here and she was able to be interviewed by investigators from the department of safety. Her story sends a chill down the spine. Her forced bath is said to have been linked to an attack. An individual is said to have asked her for a light, then returned a few minutes later with a "friend" to ask for cigarettes. Unable to satisfy them, the two men then became irritated and threw her into the Garonne!

UPDATE: Apparently, they were laughing when they pushed her into the river. And she didn't know how to swim. Still no description of the suspects. How strange.


Roni said...

The terrible maltreatment of the women in Toulouse did not happen by coincidence. Events like this one are taking place more and more frequently all over Western and Northern Europe; from Hammerfest in Norway down to the streets of Gibraltar. No single week is passing by in the Netherlands or Belgium without incidents in which someone is biking home after an evening with friends and is not attacked by a whole pack of Muslim ‘jeunes’. It is not only in the Netherlands. A week ago I had read on a Danish Facebook page about a severe attack on a 18 years old boy while he was waiting for the underground train in Copenhagen. This is what has recently happened in Oslo; see link:
The Dutch journalist Joost Niem√∂ller had written yesterday on the brutal attack actions of Muslims against indigenous Dutch. See his article: ‘Marokkanen pakken zwakken. Maar links zwijgt’ (Moroccans attack the weak. Left wing keep silent about) Sie link:

Personally I think the attacks on soft indigenous targets is initiated in the mosques and coordinated by Islamic organizations (all of them are linked to Jihad one way or other) as random in order to check: a) the willingness of the indigenous to defend themselves. Where is their red line? b) The attitude of government-level toward attacks on citizens. What measures government officials are willing to take in order to prevent further attacks on their own subjects? The results of the random will be taken into account when the TOTAL WAR on (weak) INFIDELS will break out and sweep Europe.

cousinarlo said...

That's an awful story. If we don't wake up we WILL be serving them in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid its much closer than that. probably less than 10 years.

Roni said...

@Cousinarlo and Anonymous 04.31
It depends wholly on our ability to ‘read the map in time’. A famous adage say’s “The appetite is coming with the food”. The Muslims had already booked lot of success in Europe (see articles on this blog). All policy makers are afraid of them: afraid to admit multicultural ideology is worthless, So they are lying at their feet and keep on offering their own indigenous subject to the political-correct god . With the success they have already booked on cowardsome and corrupt politicians (getting bribed by oil sheikhs for keeping their eyes shut) and shitty corrupted EU, why should the Muslims wait so long? The last phase of preparations for Islamic D-Day is now taking place. A tsunami of “Refugees” from Africa and Musim countries is flooding Europe via Turkey or by sea. Overcrowded vessels from North Africa are carrying thousands of Jihad warriors doing their best to stealth into Europe. They know the good left-wingers and libertarians will take care of them, the way people of Troy took care of the Greek horse. I assume the Islamic ‘Total War’ will take place very soon. They just wait till they should have a hugh population in Europe and would have enough warriors for the take over.
The fight against them will not come from European governments or EU and not from the army and police. The fight will be solely conducted by underground forces as it had been during the German occupation in WWII. This is not new in history; think about the storming of the Bastille in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917 .

Anonymous said...

One can be assured that when a criminal in Europe is not identified he is almost certainly moslem. They only give the race of the perpetrator if he is White European.

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