Saturday, 16 November 2013

On the first Saturday of the month in Claraplatz, four to five men in kaftans and long beards, whose wives remain constantly invisible in public, always stand and distribute free books for Allah and paradise. They include, for example, a guide to Islam, a translation of the Koran into German and beautiful prose about the prophet "Muhammad", who preached social equality, and therefore made a lot of enemies in his life. All German-language literature and papers that Lilo Roost-Vischer, coordination officer for religious questions and director of the "Round table of religions", could have received on her tours. They are writings that were found to be "honourable" and fit in with the picture of the peaceful Islam that the Office for Intergration and Diversity has been painting of Basel's Muslims for years.

What the "Islamische Zentralrat Schweiz"(IZRS)[Central Islamic Council of Switzerland] is distributing on Claraplatz in the Arabic language shows the other face behind the peaceful mask of Islam - a word that means peace as well as submission. In the Arabic section the men are propagating the darkest Middles Ages from the bloody times of the Inquisition.

...The "Basler Zeitung" acquired the writings that were being handed out to people on Claraplatz on 2 November and has had them translated by experts. Especially noteworthy is "The Book of Simplified Jurisprudence". A few samples from the modern interpretation of the Koran and the Sharia: page 365 says that unmarried people who have sex with each other should be punished with 100 lashes and exiled for a year from the place where they live currently. A person who steals must have his hand hacked off in conformity with Sura 5 Verse 38 of the Koran. For armed robberies the punishments are somewhat stricter, classified according to the degree of severity from "Death" to "Death by crucifixion". Page 373 deals with the punishment of people who drink alcohol. They need to endure 40 lashes. According to the decision of the imam, however, there may be up to 80 strokes.

Perhaps the Basel Muslims who distribute the book among the Arab-speaking population don't know its contents. Everyone on Claraplatz told the BaZ [the newspaper] that they didn't understand Arabic. But they said it was a good book, otherwise they wouldn't be distributing it.

Even more powerful stuff, in relation to human rights, are the sanctions threatened against so-called apostates and doubters. They are summarised in the chapter "Punishments for apostasy". ... The text in the book says simply: if someone changes his belief (from Islam), kill him. An apostate has three days to repent and receive the option of returning to Islam. Otherwise he or she must be killed.

...One might say that the "The Book of Simplified Jurisprudence" is exceptional in respect of the IZRS. But it's not the only one on Claraplatz that calls for intolerance when dealing with western Kuffars. The book "The Simplified Commentary" also contains numerous incitements to extreme violence and religious hatred and explicit calls to kill Jews and Christians (page 191) and to take their money from them - based on the interpretation of specific verses from the Koran.

The origin of the books disitributed in Claraplatz is systematically concealed in Basel. Neither the authors not the publisher responsible are mentioned in the version of "Jurisprudence" distributed in Basel. All references to Saudi religious organisations have been systematically removed by the IZRS. It is emblazoned with a green stamp of the Muslim association. But if you can search on the internet, you find out that the "King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex" is responsible for it and the book is under the authority of the Saudi Ministry for Islamic Institutions and Legal Guidance.
Source: Via: EuropeNews


Anonymous said...

One only need look at Pakistan, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc, to see the fruits of Islam. What we find in these and every Arab country are Third World peasants living as they did in the sixth century. Their rulers are typically dictators and the people themselves require such rulers to maintain order amongst their heathen masses.

Examine the civilisations and way of life produced by the followers of Islam. This is what they bring with them into the West. This is what they would have the West become and indeed it will if their numbers continue to rise.

Make no mistake, the ideology of Islam cannot be seperated from the people in whose hearts it dwells. These people and their ways are alien to the West. Their influence can only be stopped by a reversal in their numbers amongst the Western people. Until our governments come to this realisation the gradual slide into the ways of the alien will continue.

Roni said...

The primitive tricks of the Muslims are over dated. They and their friends of the multicultural elite are mentally still hanging in the 20th Century. The Muslims have the idea they can cheat on the Dhimmies by using different language for every purpose. It was, by the way, the famous tactic of Jasser Arafat; the great Noble Prize winner for Pies. The multicultural Gutmenschen still have the idea that the ‘last enlighten Europeans’ do not posses enough brains to understand their disinformation tactics. Alas, for both of them, internet connection in nearly every European house, have changed the play rules. Their ‘yesterday methods’ can be compared to fighting on a horseback against tanks.

Dr Bazooka said...

Taqiya. Another example of double-speak :

"In public communications, religious leaders in Swedish mosques are very careful to maintain that men and women have equal standing. SVT´s undercover recording paint a different picture: Women are urged to practice total submission."

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