Sunday, 3 November 2013

A 15-year-old boy and a woman were found dead in Ljungsbro in eastern Sweden on Saturday with a 35-year-old man in custody on suspicion of two counts of murder.

A further man was injured in the killing spree.

The 35-year-old has been arrested on probable cause for the two deaths, according to a details released in a news conference at police headquarters in nearby Linköping on Saturday afternoon.

"The evidence suggests that there is a person who is feeling unwell, a form of mental illness," Jan Staaf, the officer leading the investigation, said.

Police were alerted to the area at around 2am on Saturday after reports of "shouting and screaming" in the street. A woman called the police to say that a man was in her basement, in the company of two teenage boys. The man is thought to have left one of the boys behind, taking the other with him as he left the cellar.

A woman and a man in the vicinity responded to the commotion and went to investigate. A fight ensued, and the boy and woman were killed. The man was left nursing injuries.

"It seems that she may have fallen victim to the perpetrator as she tried to protect the boy," press spokesman Thomas Agnevik told the Expressen daily.

The man was arrested not far from the scene of the suspected double murder. Police confirmed that the suspect is a known offender.

A preliminary hearing has been held, but police would not go into what was said or how the man has responded to the suspicions against him.
"Both the suspect and some of the victims have been traumatized. We are taking one thing at a time and will talk to the suspect in due course," Jan Staaf said.

Staaf confirmed that there are around 100 officers in Linköping working on the case.
Source: The Local H/T: Maria José

The typically politically-correct account in the Local tells us nothing about the origins of the perpetrator. But Avpixlat says he was a Congolese named Doudou Ahoka and provides this picture of him.

UPDATE: Swedish newspapers have pixellated out the pictures of the perpetrator.


Crayola Kid said...

Sweden continues its quest for diversity and enrichment from the African continent.

Maria José said...

Los periódicos suecos han borrado la cara del asesino
para que no se vea que es un inmigrante africano

Anonymous said...

I bet that the suspect is not a Muslim. Is this site specialized on the Islam issue or the "racism" issue?

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, he is not Swedish and doesn't belong in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Both tie in together. We have massive problems with the Islamic ideology (which has no race) and its practitioners (who do have a race) and non-Muslim Africans who specifically seek out and slaughter white victims in every nation they are in.

Now consider the top photo. Duh....... which one is "white?"

For all of you who keep putting the white race in quotes, you need to familiarise yourself with the realities of race. Meet Dr. George Gill. One of the foremost anthropoligists on earth...

Anonymous said...

Wow disgusting, the blame should be put to the people that alowed these ppl in. African wil be african... The ruling elite is the problem.

Anonymous said...

pick one word to describe this guy:


Anonymous said...

Police official: "Who attacked you?"
Anti-Jihadist: "A Muslim."

Police official: "Can you give us a physical discription?"
Anti-Jihadist: "No. Islam is not a race."

Police official: "I see. Well, we will do what we can to find this race-less Muslim."

Ted Behr said...

Israel deports their niggers.

Anonymous said...

Let me gues ted, to europe?

Ross Lloyd said...

The Swedes are getting what they asked for....

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