Monday, 11 November 2013
"100 camels are the price of a dead person in Berlin
In German Muslim-dominated immigrant neighborhoods, a parallel judicial system has developed in the tradition of Sharia. The state seems to capitulate to the power of the Arab clans.

As Taccidin Yatkin in spring 2013 had a reconciliation meeting with the Lebanese extended family Omeirat, he hoped that both sides in the Arab tradition would join hands and would drink tea. The occasion was an accident over four years ago. In January 2009 Yatkins son Ali had killed the 17-year-old Mohammed Omeirat when he went through the lights at red, and fatally injured Omeirat.

As the former president of the Central Council of Turks in Germany entered the premises of the Lebanese Association in Berlin-Neukölln , he knew that the victim's family wanted no smoking peace pipe. 40 to 50 relatives of Omeirat 40 to 50 members met. The message of this threat scenario was clear: Whoever does not cooperate here messes with the entire extended family of Omeirat. The police see parts of the family as organized criminals, primarily engaged in property and violent crimes.

The director at the meeting was the Imam of the Mosque of Omar Neukölln. First the imam was reciting from the Qur'an and then determined that the case was to be "solved according to Sharia". The son of the Omeirats had been killed and the person responsible for it is not punished. According to the "law of our country he is guilty, whether he acted negligently or intentionally." Yatkin protested. "I do not accept Sharia. We live in Germany. My son has been acquitted by a court of law." However, the argument did not impress the Imam.

During the talks on reparations Yatkin was put under pressure: "We do not want to threaten you, but if you're on the street, we cannot guarantee your life." As compensation first 100 camels were required - not in the desert, but in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin. Converted into euros it is a sum of 55,000 euros. After much haggling in the end they settled on 20,000 euros  ...

Following the motto "We will handle it" originating in Muslim-dominated immigrant areas, especially in Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, a parallel informal justice system in the tradition of Sharia has developed. It is especially practiced among Lebanese, Palestinian and Kurdish families who continue to live in their tribal structures - poorly integrated and isolated from German society. Family feuds, defamation, land and money disputes and turf wars and organized crime are regularly handled like this."
Source: Welt


Anonymous said...

This article only addressed the amount of camels required to compensate for a dead male. For a dead female, it is probably negative camels: the family honor has been protected in advance so a reward from the family to the killer would make sense.

Anonymous said...

who still pays in camels, really?

Anonymous said...

Those who wish to admire the luscious, nubile bodies of their camels while their wife pulls the plow.

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