Sunday, 10 November 2013

RIYADH—Security forces and Saudi residents clashed with foreign workers in a Riyadh neighborhood, leaving two people dead and 68 injured amid a nationwide crackdown on improperly documented laborers, police said Sunday

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Foreign workers carry their belongings as they leave the Manfuhah neighborhood of Riyadh on Sunday. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Police arrested 561 people in the violence in the Manfouha neighborhood, according to a police statement published by the state news agency.

The dead were one Saudi and another, unidentified person, the statement said.

It wasn't clear what specifically triggered the violence. Saudi authorities have been sweeping immigrant neighborhoods, workplaces and other sites throughout the country since enforcement of the crackdown began last week.

The police statement said "instigators" roaming Manfouha threw stones at Saudi residents of the neighborhood and others and threatened people with knives. A video purportedly taken in Manfouha and posted on social media overnight showed noisy, angry crowds in the street and bloodstained men.

In the video, men who appeared to be Saudis used crude clubs to beat dark-skinned men, pummeling one man as he curled on the ground.

Manfouha is a neighborhood of shops and homes with both Saudis and foreign workers from Ethiopia and elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4 began enforcing a crackdown on migrant workers in Saudi Arabia who lack proper visas and work permits. Authorities and the Asian and African countries providing most of the laborers say thousands have been arrested.

Earlier this week, Saudi media reported authorities shot and killed one Ethiopian man when he allegedly tried to grab an officer's gun when police stopped him, in the labor crackdown.

Saudi Arabia, with a total population of 30 million, is home to more than 7 million foreign workers and their families. Many economists say the reliance on low-paid foreign workers is depressing development and diversification of the Saudi economy.

While Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries in the past have launched repeated programs to reduce the number of foreign workers in their economies, Saudi Arabia's crackdown this month marks a rare enforcement of such a campaign.
Source: WSJ

This story doesn't specify the number of immigrants who are being forced out, but this article mentions the figure of 900,000. Can you imagine the global outcry if a European country planned to expel almost a million immigrants?


Anonymous said...

I doubt the size of the outcry matters, Arabs wouldn't give a shit unless it had financial repercussions. They've been treating the abids worse than this since the beginning of history. Meanwhile, Europeans would be quite sensitive to an outcry, no matter how small. I don't think it is wrong to recognize the humanity of others even though some of the consequences are unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

i think it's time the the west to follow suit! and if anyone cries about it. just say saudi arabi does it. and watch their wee libraral minds explode!

Anonymous said...

This blog is pathetic.

Get a life please.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great, period.

Anonymous said...

I dream of, and long for, the day when Western European nations expel millions of immigrants. In other words, I dream of the day when European nations, a cluster of closely-related ethnic homelands, decide to quit committing slow suicide and live instead.

Anonymous said...

If you do your research... You will find that the real enemies of the World are not Muslims.. but Zionist Jews..
Do your research, download and read the protocols of the elders of Zion.
It was true 100 years ago when Henry Ford published his book "The International Jew" and its just as true today

They rule the world because they control the money supply and almost all media outlets.
You have been brainwashed by Zionist media to hate their enemy Muslims.

The real enemy are all these 3 religions , Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
They are old archaic and outdated belief systems which need to die out for Humanity to rise again.

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