Thursday, 28 November 2013
European intelligence services are very worried about a new phenomenon: ‘The pop jihad’. A growing number of Muslim youths are flirting with the symbols of Al - Qaeda, which are distributed by social media. By using social media young people can thus be rapidly radicalised.

The Dutch ‘National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security’ (NCTV) considers jihad as a lifestyle to be ”extremely worrying”. Though figures on the number of pop jihadis are not known to NCTV, according to a spokesman it is not 'a significant number'. Some of them go to Syria in order to fight. However, not only young people from the Randstad are involved, but also other parts of the Netherlands.

NCTV puts the number of ‘Syria Jihad travelers’ at a hundred. Last Monday, it was announced that a seventh Dutch jihad warrior was slain in Syria. It was 26-year-old Abu Jandal from Delft. Under the pseudonym Abu Fidaa, he was the contact person for the interview with a group of Dutch jihadists that the Volkskrant published in June. He died from the injuries he sustained, two weeks ago, in a bomb attack, said Abu Moussa, the liaison for jihad-goers in the Netherlands.

According to sources of ‘De Volkskrant’ in cities like Arnhem, Ede - Wageningen, Zwolle, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Rotterdam, parents conceal the departure of their children to Syria for fear of stigmatisation. From Arnhem alone, ten to fifteen youths are in Syria; more than four officially known to the authorities. "A worrying trend, which the mayor did not respond to quickly enough”, says Natasha Elfrink, president of the local Young Socialists. According to Mayor Herman Kaiser, the local government can do little if the travellers are of age. "But in the case of minors, we are very alert” ."On Friday, the Young Socialists organised a well-attended debate on the Syria jihad travelers, in which also radical youths participated.

In Belgium, Germany and England, too, the popularity of jihad among Muslim youth is growing. The British newspaper ‘The Times’ reported on Thursday, in an opening story, the death of four young British fighters. The boys were trained by jihad fighter Yilmaz, a Turkish-Dutch ex-soldier.

European intelligence services believe that the biggest danger is the return of ideologically and militarily trained Jihadi fighters. All intelligence services are keeping in mind that they can prepare or carry out attacks. As greater numbers of Muslim youths are travelling, there will be more who are returning. This is a major concern for the intelligence services, who do not have the resources to follow them all closely.


Roni said...

The truth is up there, only we do not want to accept it.

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