Monday, 4 November 2013

It doesn't call itself a Muslim party. It calls itself the party of the "banlieue". The word "banlieue" literally means suburb, but in practice it has come to acquire something of the connotation that the word "ghetto" has in English.
A new political party, the "party of the banlieue", was launched yesterday in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) to "defend multiculturalism" and "take the problems of the banlieue in hand".

The party, which currently has 7 federations, in Ile-de-France and in Martinique, will present several candidates in the municipal elections of 2014, announced its founder, Abdel-Malik Djermoune, during a press conference.

"Our goal is to be present in the whole country within one year," added Abdel-Malik Djermoune, a former association officer, who hopes for an "increase in power" of the movement in view of the "next elections"

The party of the banlieue, which presents itself as the "first party exclusively dedicated to the banlieue", has a program containing 50 proposals, including the creation of a "Minister for Multiculturalism" and the installation of the "right to vote for foreigners". It also campaigns for the legislation and the consumption of cannabis.

"In the French political landscape, there is no political party that can take a message to the banlieues without irrational inhibitions", declared Abdel-Malik Djermoune, who defends himself against accusations of communitarianism. "We are trying to include, not to exclude", he added.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

It is very important to have an international dialogue and tolerance for different cultures and backgroud. here in Zurich the local mosque made a great statement.

By talking together and exchange we can make a step forwad. Even here in Switzerland where Mosques are banned.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - A Minister for Multiculturalism and a right to vote for foreigners.............what could possible go wrong with that ?

Anonymous said...

Well, "Florida, USA", you Americans certainly have good experience of granting all the rights and privileges of citizenship to over 20,000,000 illegal aliens who have been destabilising and impoverishing real Americans and they probably also helped elect a Moslem as your President and will avidly support his proposed destructive 'immigration' act. No grounds for schadenfreude, anywhere.

Jenny said...

Minorities can only be tolerated in very small numbers. Numbers so small that they have no chance of transforming your country into theirs.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - There is no schadenfreude, only satire.

Anonymous said...

Istead of drawing this whole thing out very slowly why not just get it over with -- hand the keys over to the Third World right now. A blind man can see where this is headed.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, this is very good news for France.

Such political initiative have the potential of splitting the left wing votes, thus ending the Islamo-Socialist alliance and allowing the right to win the next election.

We all know that the only reason left wing politicians have willingly imported masses of third world immigrants was so that those people will become dependent upon their handouts and would vote for them forever. With the formation of Islamic parties this plan explodes in the face of politicians like president Holland. They will no longer enjoy the automatic support of the Muslims, and so they will lose.

This does not mean that France is off the hook. But at least there is still ope to save it from self annihilation.

Anonymous said...

From my experience living 20 years around the world (London, Paris, some muslim countries for a while) and Asia, i can positively claim that, despite all those who believe multiculturalism is an accomplished fact, in actual fact it's a failure, at least when it involves cultures and "systems of values" that are so different that even when they seem in peace they pose a threat longterm. Muslims are by far the biggest threat in this respect. Not much due to terrorism or else. But simply because their increase in number and power in the West (with us being unable to do the same in their countries by the way) is a warranty of crumbling of the west as we know it. And it's worth mentioning the "social experiment" was started by leftist elites around the world. That must not be forgotten. It's only matter of time before we see similar parties in the rest of Europe. When that doesn't happen it's because their lobbies already have someone doing their job for them. Normally it's left leaning groups of parties wherever you are in the world. So the issue is not Muslims only but also (and in particular) those whom, in the West allow them to do this. That should be remembered when we complain about Muslims. Western left elites allow them to do this.

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