Saturday, 30 November 2013

Recently, I linked (in the ioStream) to a story about a French court mandating that a prison had to supply halal meals to its inmates. This new requirement, if it survives the appeal that the French government has announced, will probably be rolled out across all French prisons.

In another story about this in Le Figaro, I found an interesting detail that wasn't mentioned in the France24 story.
The company Sodexo Justice Services today supplies three types of meal in prison: normal, without pork and vegetarian. These menus thus do not contain any halal meat "although the inmates are users of public services in a condition of constraint".
Source: Le Figaro

So the prison was already supplying both a no-pork meal and a vegetarian meal. But that wasn't enough for the Muslims. They wanted halal meals too. We all know that halal certification essentially involves a "Muslim tax" French taxpayers will have to pay, and some of this money will undoubtedly find its way to funding the Jihad.


Dr Bazooka said...

“We all know that halal certification essentially involves a "Muslim tax" French taxpayers will have to pay.”

We know. But not the French taxpayers.
I posted six comments about this “slight detail”, on Five were censored. (The only validation was probably an accident due to the night.)

Also censored :
Puisque la "République" "française" s'ouvre à la charia, que ne va-t-elle jusqu'au bout en châtiant les voleurs et les trafiquants de drogue musulmans selon les préceptes de leur foi ?
(You like the charia ? Fine ! Let's treat your neck and your hands in accordance with your holy book.)

The Ministry of Justice appealed against the decision. And I’m quite sure that the judge will be disavowed.
Nevertheless, this decision is AMAZING. And of course, we don’t know anything about the judge that dared this. Even not his name.

Crayola Kid said...

This is how they should be handled:

Hello rapists, murderers, criminals all. I am the warden of this prison. This is a place of punishment not relaxation. You will be required to follow all rules or be beaten about the head and shoulders until you see the error of your ways.

Only a select portion of the Koran will be allowed for your reading pleasure and there will be no wailing of the "call to prayer" in the prison at any time.

Your meals will consist of parched rice and your choice of rat or pork. On special occasions you will be allowed sweetened rat cakes and beans.

Welcome to my world Islamians! Your alien butts are mine now!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, warden. Me rat still has its hair on.

Anonymous said...

Europeans funding jihad

It seems that the general public are not aware of the sharia tax on the so called halal food. In other words
1 They do not know that the meat they are buying is sharia certified
2 They do not know that included in the price, they are paying a sharia tax
3 They do not know that this sharia tax goes to funding jihad

Anonymous said...

@Dr Bazooka

I Think your are confusing ''the halal certification Muslim tax'' ,with the Kosher Tax scam in the USA.

So as a French person i say ,you are either ignorant or a delibrate liar ! There is no such thing as a halal certification Muslim tax in France or any other country.

Anonymous said...

Same thing goes for the scottish ass Cheradenine Zakalwe !

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