Saturday, 30 November 2013

As you can see from the photo, it was a march by invaders against resistance to their invasion.


Anonymous said...

Invaders is the correct term. Not immigrants - invaders. They demand money from the government and get it. They also demand food, housing and jobs. And the scummy politicians who are complete traitors give it to them. The Germans were also invaders in 1940-44. In France you are allowed to criticise the Germans but not the Africans. Remember Mr Le Pen said that the German occupation of France was not particularly inhumane. For this he was fined a large amount of money. There is no free speech in France. At least the Germans did not go around burning hundreds of cars belonging to French people on various nights of the year.

Anonymous said...

my only wish is that the political "elites" are slaughtered and cast out along with the invaders. they and their scions who love socialism so much can go and work in africa for their nigger overlords to take their hard-earned wealth.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of white indigenous faces in that crowd. :)

King Lear said...

The only indigenous Europeans are white. This land is our land and one day will be again.

Maria José said...

Islamists protest in London against Angola's alleged ban on Islam


Roni said...

I am also against racism. I am against racism directed toward indigenous Europeans who are treated like dirt by their own governments.

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