Saturday, 30 November 2013

This clip comes from the Swedish crime show Wanted, which features perpetrators of crimes who are being sought by the police. The brownskins wanted to travel for free, but when the bus driver insisted that they pay, they beat him up.

Note the television station pixellates the images of the perpetrators, making them completely useless for the purposes of identification. Political correctness trumps all.

Source: Avpixlat


hoosier said...

I checked out a "swedish" dating site the other day and the majority of the younger "Swede" girls on the site were african, asian, or other. Even most of the white girls were originally from eastern europe. I estimate about less than 25% of them were authentic Swedes. I'm kind of obsessed with Sweden.

hoosier said...

They niggerpunched him.

Anonymous said...

Who will ever stand up for the Western dhimmified peoples?
Is there any international or supranational court where pure racism committed against European peoples will be renounced?
How long will it take for the Europeans against a historical backdrop, to realize the vast crime that is being committed against them on a daily basis?

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