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Following some of the critical remarks I've made about the conduct of Jews recently, some people have responded with puzzlement and said they haven't seen any proof of Jewish involvement in what we might call the diversity agenda, a term I use to mean support for immigration, multiculturalism and the criminalisation of free expression. As I observed before, asking for proof of this strikes me as like asking for proof that fire is hot. The proof is everywhere around us. Reading the newspapers on a daily basis, one constantly confronts the spectacle of Jewish journalists mocking or denigrating expressions of European patriotism or any dissent from the establishment multicultural line. However, some of the people asking this question seem to be sincere. So I will patiently assemble an unassailable body of evidence that will put the issue beyond any doubt.

This will most likely be a long series of posts. I may publish as an ebook in the end.

But before we begin, let us ask what the appropriate response from Jews would be to the case I am going to present. It is not to bleat about "antisemitism". It is not to assume that the people who "say bad things" about you are motivated by a demonic, irrational hatred stretching back into the mists of time. It is not to think that they must be admirers of Adolf Hitler and want to exterminate you. It is to accept that the criticism is the consequence of your own actions. It is the result of the choices you made, choices that have harmed the interests of other people. When the interests of a people are harmed, it is natural that they should respond with criticism and even antagonism.

In many cases, including the one that follows, the actions I am going to describe were performed not just by individuals that happened to be Jewish, but by organisations that claimed to speak for the Jewish community. I haven't yet looked into the details of how these organisations function, and how this claimed representative mandate is acquired. But I am not aware of any significant challenges to this mandate having been made.

If you are a Jew who does not support the diversity agenda, as defined above, then you should accept that your interests are being harmed by these Jewish organisations that do support it. They are being harmed in the same way that the interests of any other resident of Europe are being harmed through the alien colonisation process that this agenda, implemented at the policy level, has set in motion. But they are also being harmed because the European people, at least some of them, can see the role of Jewish influence in bringing these changes about and will naturally be resentful of it.

If you are a Jew, you should strive to bring about change within these putatively representative organisations to steer them away from their support for the diversity agenda. If you cannot do that, then you should speak out against them, publicly, disowning the agenda they promote and warning about its consequences. You should consider founding alternative organisations like Jews Against Multiculturalism, Jews for Free Speech, etc. If you do not do any of these things, then you should expect that the peoples of Europe, who have been harmed and are being harmed by Jewish actions, will judge you accordingly.

To the rest of the Counterjihad movement - and, yes, I am a part of it whether you want me to be or not - I urge you to abandon your cowardice on this issue. It is no longer morally defensible. Despite my urging, I do not expect Jews to be reasonable about this. Like Muslims, they appear to be incapable of rational discussion where criticism of their own conduct is concerned, immediately lapsing into a victim mentality and levelling moral accusations attacking the motivation of the person who offers the criticism. The Counterjihad movement in the US is clearly dominated by Jews. The Counterjihad movement in Europe is not. It is, however, so clearly beholden to the US movement as to exhibit virtually no autonomy from it. It is time for you people in the European anti-Islam movement to free yourself mentally from your state of serfdom. You must be willing to talk about this issue and, if necessary, break with the US part of the Counterjihad movement and start thinking and acting for yourselves. Yes, I know it will be very difficult for you to do without those pats on the head (and, in some cases, funds) you cherish so much from our transatlantic cousins. But I urge you find the moral strength within yourself and make the attempt.

Europe appears to be in a death spiral, colonised by alien peoples, with demonstrably awful consequences, which no one can talk about for fear of the criminal law being applied to the very expression of their opinion. But how did this situation come about? Here I explore the introduction of free speech sanctions in Britain, embodied in the Race Relations Act of 1965.

In this post I rely mostly on specialised newspaper archives that are not publicly accessible. You will just have to take my word for it that the original articles were as I reproduce them here.

The public, mostly Jewish-led, agitation that culminated in the passing of the Race Relations Act started with Jewish indignation at the activities of the National Socialist Movement in Britain.
Legislation that would make incitement to racial hatred a punishable offense was demanded today at a meeting of the World Jewish Congress.

A. L. Easterman, international affairs director of the congress, said the British Government had failed to deal effectively with the revival of fascism and anti-Semitism.

He said that inaction in Britain encouraged fascism in other countries in urging a change in the law.

Three British Fascist or extreme Right-Wing organizations held outdoor meetings that resulted in violence this summer.

An appeals court ruled Sep. 4 that the Public Order Act, which covers such meetings, had not been violated by Colin Jordan, head of the neo-Nazi British National Socialist Movement.

Since then several groups have advocated amending the Public Order Act.
Source: "Law on racial hate is urged in Britain", New York Times, September 17, 1962.

Source: Association of Jewish Refugees Information, Vol. XVII, No. 10, October 1962

Three petitions, each containing 140,000 signatures, with the common aim of obtaining legislation against the public incitement of race hatred and discrimination, were presented to Parliament yesterday by three M.P.s - Mr. Greenwood (Lab.), Mr. Lubbock (L.) and Mr. Tiley (C.).

...The petitions were organized by the Yellow Star Movement, the Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women, the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the National Council for Civil Liberties.
Source: "420,000 seek law on race hate", The Times (London, England), Tuesday, Nov 27, 1962

The British section of the World Jewish Congress, holding its biennial conference in London at the weekend, urged the Government to enact legislation against incitement to racial and religious hatred.

The chairman of the British section, Mr J. Halevy, told the conference that 20 years after the brutal annihilation of European Jewry by the Nazis, "antisemitism, though not so virulent, is not dormant."

Cairo and Buenos Aires, he asserted, were centres of Nazi and Fascist activity.

There was antisemitism in the democratic countries of Europe as well. Mr Halevy believed the Home Secretary was wrong in thinking that education alone could deal with it. Legislation, too, was essential.
Source: "Legislation on racial incitement urged", The Guardian, Mar 2, 1964

When the Labour party won the general election in October 1964, Harold Wilson became Prime Minister and appointed the Jew Frank Soskice Home Secretary. Soskice was the son of Russian revolutionary journalist David Soskice, who had "played a considerable role in the political events in Russia up to the founding of the Kerensky republic" (source) then fled Russia for England after being imprisoned by the Bolshevists. With Soskice in the Home Office, active efforts began to be made to bring about the criminalisation of free speech.
In a meeting yesterday with the Home Secretary, Sir Frank Soskice, representativesoskics of the Board of Deputies of British Jews emphasised the importance they attach to early legislation against racial discrimination. is understood that the members of the board were particularly concerned about recent incitement of racial feelings, the persistent publication of literature likely to inflame, and the activities of Fascists at the Leyton byelection.
Source: "Jewish deputation sees Sir Frank", The Guardian, Jan 15, 1965

The Race Relations Act went through Parliament in 1965, finally coming into effect on 8 December 1965. It created a new offence of Incitement to Racial Hatred.
Most members of the Jewish community welcomed the race relations bill recently introduced by the Government, Dr. S. Levenberg told the annual conference of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland in London yesterday.

Commenting on newspaper reports that Jewish leaders had opposed the Bill, Dr Levenberg, an honorary vice-president of the federation said: "I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we welcome the Bill". He added: "We welcome the fact that the Government has introduced a bill against racial discrimination and incitement to race hatred. We are pleased that the Government, under Harold Wilson, has kept its pledge to introduce such a Bill which we have wanted for a long time."
Source: "Race bill welcomed by Jews", The Guardian, Apr 12, 1965

After the law was passed, Colin Jordan was charged with offences under it and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in January 1967.
Colin Jordan (43), leader of the British National Socialist Movement, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment at Devon Assizes, Exeter, yesterday, for offences under the Race Relations Act.

...Before he was sentenced, Jordan, of Tudor Avenue, Coventry, said: "I am to be punished because I sought to save my country from Jewish control and coloured immigration."

He accused the Wilson government of "treasonable betrayal" in "promoting the coloured immigration and suppression of criticism."
Source: "18 months' prison for Jordan", The Guardian, Jan 26, 1967


Anonymous said...

white advocate
Wow and double wow
l've got your back CZ but l'm more concerned they'll kick in the front door ))

Anonymous said...

WARNING : Anti-Semitic web site pretending to be news about islamo facist takeover of Europe. He wants you to watch the Jewish 0.2 % of the world population instead of the Moslem 23% of the world population who are actually actively destroying the West. Figure it out for yourself, false flag operation.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 00:19

Give it up. The cat is out of the bag on the Jewish role in White genocide worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:19,

Why is it so difficult to acknowledge that 0.2% of the world's population demand laws to protect their alien culture?

Anonymous said...

Great Britain

The early development of socialism in Britain at the beginning of the 19th century had little to do with the Jews, who numbered only 20,000 in the country. Nevertheless, Robert Owen (1771–1858), "the father of British socialism," actively campaigned for equality for the Jews and in 1830 submitted a petition to the House of Commons urging the abolition of religious disabilities. His example was followed by a number of leaders of the Chartist movement. Jews first became prominent in British socialism in the latter half of the 19th century and in May 1876 the *Aguddat ha-Soẓyalistim ha-Ivrim was formed in London, its founders including A.S. *Liebermann and Lazar *Goldenberg. German radical groups were also active in London and largely influenced the ideology of Jewish socialists in Britain. They kept in contact with the Russian revolutionary Peter Lavrov (1823–1900), who published the socialist organ, Vpered, in London. Toward the end of the 19th century an increasingly large number of Russian Jews became active in British socialism. Theodor Rothstein was a leader of the Marxist Social Democratic Federation, founded by H.M. Hyndman in 1884. Rothstein, who was shocked by an antisemitic outburst by Hyndman, later played an important part at the congress of the Russian Social Democratic Party in London in 1907, and after the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917 was their unofficial representative in London. Later he helped found the British Communist Party, in which his son Andrew Rothstein was a prominent figure for many years. He was anti-Zionist, as were Joe Finberg, and Boris and Zelda Kahn, all refugees from Russia who played a major part in the British socialist movement. An outstanding figure of the British socialist movement was Eleanor Marx-Aveling (1855–1898), Karl Marx's youngest daughter, who felt a close affinity with the Jewish people and affirmed that "my happiest moments are when I am in the East End of London amid Jewish workpeople."

Post-World War II

After World War II, Jews continued to be prominent in the socialist movements of France and Great Britain. In France, Léon Blum, Jules Moch, Pierre *Mendes-France, and Daniel *Mayer emerged as leading French socialists and all held posts in French coalition governments. All four were active in Jewish affairs and supporters of the State of Israel. In Britain, Jewish participation in the Labor movement considerably increased in the postwar years. There were four Jewish cabinet ministers in the Labor government of 1945–51: Emanuel Shinwell, Harry *Nathan, Lewis *Silkin, and George *Strauss, and the Labor government of 1964–70 at various times included Jews in senior or junior offices, among them Austen Albu (1903–1994), John *Diamond, Harold *Lever, Reginald Freeson (1926– ), Baroness Serota, Edmund Dell (1921–1999), and John *Silkin. In addition, Harold *Laski was chairman of the Labor Party from 1945 to 1946, Emanuel Shinwell was chairman of the Parliamentary Labor Party and Ian Mikardo (1908–1993), Frank Allaun (1913–2002), and Sydney *Silverman were members of the Labor Party national executive. One particularly noticeable feature of the growth of Jewish participation in the Labor movement was the sharp increase in the number of Jewish Labor members of Parliament, from four in 1935 to 26 in 1945, around 36 in 1966, and 30 in 1970. Many of the Jews prominent in the Labor Party were associated with the British Po'alei Zion and a Zionist group formed in 1956 called Labor Friends of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Simon Sheppard was sent to prison in Britain for distributing a comic book which was a satire of holocaust claims.
His prosecution was brought about by Jews. The same politicians and media which supported the right of the Muhammad cartoonist either remained silent or supported his jailing. The comic is called Tales of the Holohoax and is online here -

parisclaims said...

There is no doubt that Jews are massively overrepresented amongst those who want to flood the west with third worlders whilst ramming multiculturism down everyone's throats.
It doesn't seem logical as ordinary Jews are amongst the first to suffer when an area becomes islamized. At first I reasoned that the Jews would probably want these third world parasites over here as a human shield, i.e. if there ever was a real rise in anti foreigner sentiment in the west then the muslims & Africans would take the flak rather than them. I think I got it wrong, there does seem to be a real agenda.

SECRETS said...

The Jewish Board of British Deputies and Sir Anthony Lester have been doing their damnedest to criminalise those who gave them and their ancestors sanctuary for a long time now. Check this out here:

SECRETS said...

Good article (and site) by the way. Some stuff I was unaware of. Been meaning to put a link to it in my "Traitor Within" blog for while. Keep forgetting. I'll do it now.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was interesting although perhaps irrelevant to the current discussion:

They now refer to illegal immigrants as "irregular migrants"

Anonymous said...

Same pattern repeated over and over again. Non-Jewish white men had complete control of the government, TOTAL CONTROL, and go right along with a handful of Jewish Leftists. Look into it. Get a breakdown of who voted how. Who appointed the Lefties and why.

The neo-Nazi consiracy nutters in the US went ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the role played by three Leftist Jews in advancing immigration reform which is in fact destroying the US by swamping the nation with 3rd Worlders. No doubt about that. Just one tiny little thing the Hitler youth boys left out:

I did a little research on the congressional record and found who controlled what, how EVERY MEMBER of the House and Senate voted, including the president of the US - LBJ. What did I find?

The entire US government, EVERY branch and aspect, EVERYTHING was controlled by non-Jewish white males -- 99% !! They OVERWHELMINGLY supported and PASSED the Leftist nutjob agenda supported by Leftist Jews. Jews didn't do this, bless their little Leftist hearts, they didn't have the power. NO, non-Jewish white males who controlled everything thought it would be a good idea to sell their bros out as well as the nation and get their white butts on board with the program! Traitorous bastards!

Oh yes, Jews need to be brought to task for their part in Islaming Europe and Hispandering the US. But so do the traitorous white bastards who have even more blame.

Anonymous said...

I am referring to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act above.

Lost Myth said...

I just want to thank you so much for everything you are doing, all the work and effort you are putting in to let us know what is going on. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Here's another thing I looked into that always left me dumbfounded, stunned and in disbelief: the biggest physical threat to life and limb in the US is not Muslims. Far from it. The biggest raping murderers of whites in the US was and still is BLACKS. The Africans in the US have been waging an undeclared war on whites for decades. They murder our people DAILY and the media hides it from the public yet, amazingly, most Jews side with, make excuses for, and protect these savages even though they themselves are their victims too. Why is that? And this gets to the heart of all Jewish discussions -- motive. Motive is what must be proved. Motive is what is always left out of conversations.

Either the Jews are actively planning and coordinating the destruction of the West for hideously evil reasons or they actually believe their own Leftist rhetoric and have a misguided and deeply felt sympathy for ethnic and racial minorities due to their own experiences throughout history.

I found the latter with regard to blacks in the US. Since the civil rights era of the 1960s Jews have poured vast amounts of their own money into helping the black community. They've built schools and hospitals for them and on and on... they've promoted and helped them in hundreds of ways even though this actually has worked out in such a way that it harms whites AND JEWS. Motive. That is what must be analyzed.

This doesn't change anything with regard to the negative and indeed nation-destroying effects of Leftism -- Jewish and non-Jewish. Both groups must be politically controlled in such a way that they cannot harm us and they desperately need to be educated and persuaded by facts that their misguided beliefs are destroying our countries. They need to acquaint themselves with the realities of race and all the implications this has for maintaining our civilization.

Until anyone can prove that Jews, and don't ever forget their white non-Jewish allies, have the motive of destroying our nations and our people out of some demonic evilry as the neos suggest then I will take a measured and carefully considered approach to the Jewish question seeing them more as ignorant saps that must be protected from themselves and actively working against their delusions of "tolerance" and "diversity." I don't hate them as a people. I hate the effects of Leftism.

Crayola Kid said...

I agree 100%. What typically happens when Jews are brought up is that the simpletons who can't analyze a grade-school math problem jump right in with, "Yes! Its those evil Jooos! Thats the ticket!"

At that point the blog is ruined. It becomes the territory of nonthinking trolls. I am gone at that point and the blog fades into nothingness. Devoid of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Ted Kennedy was Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 14:43

Jewish behavior cannot be explained as sincere leftist egalitarianism, because they do not adhere to these principles in Israel and Jewish activists in the Diaspora look the other way. Therefore, we can safely assume they know exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

In addition to what I said below, I would add that motive is irrelevant in any case. If someone is destroying you, you have a right to take defensive action.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Jewish Chief Judge LEVIN
In re Petition for Naturalization of Parviz MEGHNOT.
No. 284257.
United States District Court E.D. Michigan, S.D.
Jan. 29, 1965.

Proceeding on petition for naturalization. The District Court, Levin, Chief Judge, held that alien's belief in religion which had objective of one world of nations under supreme tribunal did not preclude him from taking Oath of Allegiance to United States with no mental reservation in connection with his application for citizenship.

Oath might be administered.

Adolph F. Angelilli was the United States Naturalization Examiner, Detroit, Mich.

Petitioner was not represented by counsel.

LEVIN, Chief Judge.

The question presented in this case is whether the petitioner's adherence to the Bahá'í faith and his membership in the organization of Bahá'í, which is dedicated to an idealistic world federal system, disqualify him from taking the oath of citizenship.


In the petitioner's opinion, this would eventually lead to universal peace and a oneness of mankind, but the petitioner affirms over and over again his primary allegiance to the United States and that if he were required, in spite of this belief, to bear arms on behalf of the United States, he would do so:

'On the contrary, if the United States says you have to do it, then I will obey the United States Government. We believe in the unity-- in getting along with everyone. We want the world to be a universal house of justice. We believe in obeying but not willful killing. Any country you go to, you have to obey the laws if you want to get along. We believe in world peace but if I am told by United States Government to carry arms on behalf of the United States, I will obey-- no other choice. That is my explanation.'

Obviously, the espousal of a form of government, the principles of which are incompatible with those in the United States Constitution, conflicts with the obligations, duties, and responsibilities of American citizenship. However, the petitioner is avowedly well disposed to the good order and happiness not only of his country but of the world. He is attached to the principles of free government which are embodied in the Constitution of the United States.

As citizens of the United States, we have demonstrated our belief in the attainment of world peace through the joint action of sovereign states by strongly supporting the United Nations.

'For when if the world's people set out in earnest to form a world government, they will find in the U.N. a logical starting point. 'It must continue to use its admittedly underdeveloped powers as far as it is possible to use them day by day. In the kind of world we are living in, no substitute organization of sovereign states could do more than the U.N. is doing today. 'The world desperately needs the center of balance which only the U.N. can give. That is why the United States gives unfaltering support to the United Nations and to the search for ways to strengthen the authority and effectiveness of that system.' 2

In any event, allegiance owed by members of the Bahá'í faith to any contemplated world government does not arise until such a government is created and then only through the consent of sovereign nations. The establishment of a world government presupposes the voluntary agreement of every government to its formation. In such an eventuality, the citizens of each individual government or nation within the world federation would owe certain duties and obligations to the world federation and be subject to the powers granted to it by the voluntary agreement of its members. Any agreement or treaty on the part of the United States would have to be in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, which provides that all treaties must be ratified by the Senate of the United States, Article II, Section 2.

Anonymous said...

"journalists mocking or denigrating expressions of European patriotism or any dissent from the establishment multicultural line"

is mockery not an acceptable form of free expression? I may want to mock several ideas presented in this post, but I am still happy to live in world where you can say whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

"You should consider founding alternative organisations like Jews Against Multiculturalism, Jews for Free Speech, etc."

"The Counterjihad movement in the US is clearly dominated by Jews."

Give me an F ! Give me a B ! Give me a FUCKING BREAK !

Anonymous said...

luckily this cool woman I just read about happens to be Jewish : )

Crayola Kid said...

Being a little melodramatic aren't you? Motive has everything to do with it when you make ridiculous claims.

Anonymous said...

Amusing. I could spend all day providing names and titles of non-Jews from PMs to Presidents and everything in between who hold the same civilisation destroying beliefs as Jews. But of course they do not count. It is just too easy to make Jews into monsters.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @17:41. Your comment, obscene and incorrect, deserves no 'break.' "Baron Bodissey", one of the two owners of the Counterjihad site Gates of Vienna, in the comments of a thread dated January 4, 2013: "Jews are over-represented in almost all intellectual and academic activities. That includes the Counterjihad --- probably half of the most staunch Counterjihad activists I know, including a number in Europe, are Jews. That is far in excess of their proportion in the general population. However, in the USA liberal Jews carry far more influence than the 1.4% figure might suggest. Many are wealthy, and a number of them occupy influential positions within the media and are thereby a disproportionate part of the trans-national effort to deconstruct Western society and values."

Anonymous said...

And how can we explain this Jewish female that has more spine than most men I know:
The Mad Jewess

This Joooo reports on black-on-white murders regularly among other things. She is great!

Anonymous said...

Again, show me their motive for doing so. Lots of talk. No proof. This makes you sound like a paranoid idiot. Most Jews are foolish liberals and, as with all liberals, their actions harm nations. Given. Now, you show me their motive for "deconstructing society" and conspiring to destroy white people and their nations. You have made an extraordinary claim. Prove it.

Anonymous said...

When Will The Saxon Will Begin to Hate…? I don’t know how long it will take.  White men are taking way too much.  Putting up with losers.  There HAS to be a remnant of discontents that are sick of being pushed around by foreigners and a foreign-minded prez.  I wish I was a man….Sighs… I live to see the day when whitey has just had enough. I will join them, try to fund them, somehow. Whatever it takes. It’s sickening that foreigners come here and treat landowners and Americans like crap.

~ The Mad Jewess

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 18:44 You should address your comment to GoV, from whom the quote at 18:33 comes. As for motives, it's more to do with teachings from the Talmud, although I doubt "Baron Bodissey" realises that. 'liberalism' isn't the genuine issue, talmudic ideology is.

Dustin said...

I'll stand with her before I would any nazis lurking about here.

Anonymous said...

I find it obscene that the small percentage of 1.4% of the population who support Islamofascism is seriously considered a larger issue than the fact that the majority of Europeans have those views.

Incidentally, this leads back to the fact that nothing should be banned. If I read the koran or mien kampf and realize how much I hate Jews, that says more about me than it does about those books. Similarly, if someone reads dozens of articles promoting multiculturalism and they like happen to agree, it says more about them than whoever it was that wrote the article.

Teddy said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder. - Michael Savage, a Jew and banned from Britain!

Crayola Kid said...

Most Jews are atheists and give as much credence to the Talmud as they do the Koran.

Anonymous said...

Not at all. Suppose someone who has never seen a gun before picks one up and starts playing with it around your kids. You have every right to incapacitate that person quite apart from whether they are acting maliciously or not. The right to self defense is absolute.

Anonymous said...

Crayola Kid @19:30: That is the same response in kind which we have heard from Moslems and their apologists for decades. The Talmud is the main source book for training all rabbis and is taught in all Jewish faith schools (yeshivas); it has been in circulation since being codified from the Gemara and Mishna for two millenia and it establishes rabbinic authority over scriptural (torah). People reading or commenting on this site have some knowledge of Islam and its primary sources (Koran, Hadiths, Islamic Sharia) and understand that these texts have a determining influence and impact on Moslems (whether literate or otherwise, since many will have their knowledge via imams and mosques); and we all understand that the actions of Moslems which we find repugnant, threatening and destructive (to us as individuals and to our societies, countries and civilisations, and to Moslems themselves) are a result of these texts and are not merely the actions of 'crazed' or 'extremist' individuals. Why then, would we discount the impact of the central text of Judaism, the Talmud, in assessing the reasons for Jewish actions, tactics and goals? After all, this is the older ideology and some of Muhamed's original followers (as those of Jesus Christ) were Jews (some of the tafsirs and other texts were written and compiled also by Jewish converts to Islam). We would be foolish to ignore or discount the central texts of any theology or ideology, and would be disarming ourselves in failing to educate ourselves as to what they teach their adherents, particularly in regard to non-adherents and their concepts of truth and morality.

Anonymous said...

Your insistence on proof of motive is entirely misplaced and inappropriate. If Jews are objectively harming and endangering the future and wellbeing of my children, I am morally obligated to expose and resist them. Whether they believe subjectively thay they are 'doing good' is totally irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:45 Because most Jews have been secular/atheist for generations, 5 that I know of for me, but it could be more.

Anonymous said...

Also the ridiculously religious ones can't even use the internet or speak English. Like the Muslims they generally have babies and collect the dole. Luckily for y'all they primarily do this in Israel. Obnoxious, yes. Terrifying, no.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Try this for a thought experiment : There is a group of one thousand people standing in a field. Two of the people in the crowd are Jewish. (Jews are 0.2 % of the world population.) The two Jews start to order everyone around, telling them what to going to war, or mixing with other races. Does that sound like it is going to work out ? No, it is a stupid idea, constantly put forward on this web site. We are supposed to believe that the "joooos" are running the world. Meanwhile the moslems are 23 % of the world population. Achmed and Mohamed are living off the dole, flooding your country, screwing your sister, and cutting people heads off left and right. Wake up to the danger now European man. When the moslems are done destroying Israel, you are next !

Anonymous said...

Globalists (who are basically Babylonians) is what ails you.
The globalists comes in all shapes and colours.

Worth reading for you guys:

Anonymous said...

"The two Jews start to order everyone around, telling them what to do...."

Yes, that's EXACTLY what they will try to do. Not in a direct way but through their career path that is driven by the desire to be in charge of the rabble.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. When the minaret goes up in your neighborhood, and you are forced to listen to an imam caterwauling prayers to satan/allah, it will be to late.

Zaba said...

Crayola Kid said...

I agree 100%. What typically happens when Jews are brought up is that the simpletons who can't analyze a grade-school math problem jump right in with, "Yes! Its those evil Jooos! Thats the ticket!"

At that point the blog is ruined. It becomes the territory of nonthinking trolls. I am gone at that point and the blog fades into nothingness. Devoid of intelligence.
17 November 2013 14:52

Really well put. Outa here also.
Cheradenine Zakalwe has done an excellent job of bringing news to us, but the trade off is not worth it. I suggest the blogger turn in your Israeli developed cel phone.

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Try this for a thought experiment
Wake up to the danger now European man. When the moslems are done destroying Israel, you are next !
18 November 2013 00:03

100% accurate. 270 million dead people over 1400 years of islam do not lie.

However, you're asking a lot from people to think.

Zaba said...

From this blog:

Comments Policy
17:43 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Free speech reigns here. In general, I will only delete comments if they are spam, in a language I don't understand, or if I feel that they put the continued existence of the website in jeopardy by violating some rule or law. In the case last mentioned, I regret having to perform an act of censorship because I myself have no moral problem with unrestricted free speech, including incitement to violence or praise of terrorist acts.

Overt racism, antisemitism, and Muslim proselytism is all welcome here, as long as it is relevant to the topic at hand and does not put the continued existence of the website in jeopardy by violating laws or regulations.

Anonymous said...

Numbers alone do not determine the outcome of any struggle, military or societal. As CZ's article illustrates, the steps taken to silence freedom of speech, under the guise of an emotional appeal to stifling 'hatred' or 'incitement' to violence or to supporting civic 'peace', have had a destructive and deadly impact on the British people's ability, freedom AND their moral and legal rights to address, discuss, analyse, criticise and demand changes in policies and laws which are destroying them as a people, their laws, values, rights and their country.

Islam and Moslems have made so many inroads in Western countries because prior to their presence in huge numbers, Jews had already secured special, and unwarranted, privileges for their laws and practices (beth din courts, kosher slaughter, genital mutilation, and legislation against 'hate speech' which has its roots in talmudic teachings). There are very strong ideological/theological/doctrinal and historical links between judaism and islam and, in their combined efforts to silence freedom of speech, this poses a greater danger than the intermittent acts of violence (which anyhow are certainly greater against Christians everywhere in the world than against jews or israel itself. It is very telling that in all the comments to this thread from presumably jewish commenters, not one has expressed outrage, or shame, over the clearly documented and deliberate assault on freedom of speech by jewish organisations, lobbyists and politicians.

eatmyump said...

Jews fucked up the white countries!,7340,L-4299673,00.html

Anonymous said...

@ 18 November 2013 07:30

Yes, the Jewish organizations mentioned in these articles were dead wrong, and you are probably correct that one should not let ones empathy over the fact these organizations had no idea of the dangerous precedent being set while focused on the short term, be a reason to not be outraged. However, this is also clearly not the full story behind British libel laws.

Anonymous said...

The jewish civil libertarian and the other jewish woman are rare creatures. Brother Nathaneal denounces judaeism and the talmud outright in no uncertain terms - and he was born a jew. l dont know what the two jewish women say about jews or judaeism or the talmud. l do know many jews conciously and obviously deliberately work against the best interests of white Europeans. lts inconceivable that they cannot see the damage they are helping to inflict on white societies, which have become utterly debased and will no doubt be largely destroyed within 3 or 4 more generations. There is a vast catalogue of evidence online that describes and documents the very vigorous work of many many jews to strip away white power, white authority, white history and white legitimacy and to subsume whites in an ever rising sea of brown.

Anonymous said...

When most people look at European history, the see lots and lots of bloodshed and wars. When those with a certain agenda look at European history, it was all a wonderful Golden Age, that would have maintained even to this day without "The Jews". This seems to go hand in hand with gushing sentimentality about a concept Sartre identified as "Bad Faith". Apparently some people need to believe denying ones motivations to oneself makes an act infinitely more moral. There is also tons of evidence that Jewish people intentionally worked really hard to make Europe much better.

Lots of people denounce the religion they were born into, Satanist ex-Catholics are my particular favorite.

hoosier said...

Hebrews are barbarians and they will forever be jealous of the Nordic and Alpine Caucasians.
Juden Raus

Anonymous said...


Frau Katze said...

As others have noted here, no matter what the involvement of some high-profile Jews in pushing the multikulti line, we need to note that,

1. There are just not enough Jews to force this through on their own. Take the move to amnesty all the illegal immigrants in the US. The Catholic Church gave orders to all priests to preach pro-immigration sermons in, I think it was September. They are supporting the amnesty big time. That scarcely means all Catholics agree. The amnesty is also being supported by big business (check the Wall Street Journal), because it will drive down wages. Some of the businesses may be Jewish owned, most aren't.

2. There are some outspoken Jewish dissenters. David Horowitz, born to communist parents, became disenchanted with the left in the 1970's. He runs the FrontPage site, and regularly features counter-jihad writers, some of whom are also Jewish, like Daniel Greenfield. But Horowitz, as an outspoken counter jihadist, is frozen out of "elite" society, including these Jewish groups you mention.

3. So you have to look as people as individuals, not groups. That would imply that Muslims, especially non-believers could also be allies. But they risk their life, not just their reputation, for speaking out (yet, a tiny number do, see Canadian Tarek Fatah for example).

4. You will attract crazy people by writing a lot against Jews. Do you really want an audience with lots of crazy people? You have a great blog, no one else does so many translations. I have linked to you many times as a co-blogger at (Canadian) site BlazingCatFur. But we have many counterjihadi Jewish readers (and we regularly criticize, as individuals, crazy Jews who enable Muslims). Now I'm afraid to link to your site. I'm afraid the Jewish readers will the crazed loons you will-I guarantee--attract.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The truth is the truth. I don't care who it attracts or discomfits. I've noticed BlazingCatFur took me off his list of sites whose latest posts appear at the side. And Daniel Greenfield stopped linking to me too. And others. I don't care. The truth is the truth. If you can't handle the truth, I don't want you on my side. And if that means I have to fight alone, so be it.

The fact that the people discomfited by what I am saying are unable to respond with rational, evidence-based argumentation to counter it, but simply silently stop linking to me or challenge the moral purity of my motivation, only strengthens my conviction that this is an issue that needs to be discussed. As I noted earlier, it is exactly the same pattern of behaviour we see from Muslims.

For your other points, clearly Jews lack the numbers to impose; they must persuade. So what? I fail to see how that exempts them from moral responsibility. As the articles I cited make clear, plenty of representative Jewish organisations were involved in the campaign to criminalise free expression in Britain. We're not just talking about individuals. At what point does responsibility begin? And still there is no acknowledgement of responsibility or expression of repentance today.

Anonymous said...

"3. So you have to look as people as individuals, not groups. That would imply that Muslims, especially non-believers could also be allies. But they risk their life, not just their reputation, for speaking out (yet, a tiny number do, see Canadian Tarek Fatah for example)."

Muslims cannot be allies simply because the mandate to kill them as traitors exists. It's pretty much as simple as that. They are dead men walking or in the extreme Huma Abedin muruna style liars. Either Fatah is ignorant or going along with a plan.

"4. You will attract crazy people by writing a lot against Jews. Do you really want an audience with lots of crazy people?"

Are they really 'crazy'? Or are they just propagandized so much that they will even side with muslims in their abject hate of Jews?
If this blog wakes up Stormfags and Jobbik islamophiles and gets them to think beyond Jews then good work has been done.

"I'm afraid the Jewish readers will the crazed loons you will-I guarantee--attract. "

Could this site actually be a nexus for Jews and irrational Jew haters to find a way forward against the fraudulent islamic ideology?

Anonymous said...

Antisemitic White Trash . Eat Shit and Die

Anonymous said...

"Antisemitic White Trash"
So says the Jew (I would suppose) that hates non-Jews, as Anon considers non-Jews to be 'whites' that should commit self-genocide.

Anonymous said...

“Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.”

— Samuel Roth, “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

“Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.”

– Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well-known leader of the Jews of Bukovina, wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung (September 1933).

“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”

— The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

“We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”

— Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.”

“Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

— Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt), Partisan Review, Winter 1967, p. 57.

“…The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…
…Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

— Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor and founder of Race Traitor.

Anonymous said...

I've met plenty of bastards in my life, but the Jewish ones generally seem more able to identify when they are being bastards. Less crippled by the Bad Faith that plagues other Europeans. Still, obviously these people have serious issues (not surprising after being crucified for killing a non existent deity) and are not speaking for everyone.

Frau Katze said...

CZ: I'm not Jewish, just for the record. I fear you are going down a road of blaming entire groups. What do you expect Horowitz and Greenfield and others like him to do about the behaviour of others they cannot control?

This reminds me of the times I've heard every white blamed for slavery, every person whose ancestors were from the UK (like mine) blamed for colonialism. It infuriates me when I read stuff like this. I feel helpless. What can I do? I can't change history.

Ironically, it's usually the left that does this. I'm very sad you're making this choice.

It's not a question of truth. No one disputes the transport of Africans as slaves. Yes, it happened. But why is MY fault? I didn't do it. Individuals should not be blamed for what a group does.

And Tarek Fatah (born a Muslim but no longer a believer) is perfectly legitimate.

Anonymous said...

(not surprising after being crucified for killing a non existent deity)

full retard

As if pagan tribes could ever resist islam

fucking moron

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Frau Katze, the analogy you offer is false. No one disputes that people of European origin engaged in the slave trade. No one (that I am aware of) disputes that it was wrong. The slave trade has now been discontinued.

The efforts by Jewish groups to criminalise free expression, first of all, are still ongoing. They are not historical relics. Second, the Jewish role in them has not been acknowledged. And no repentance has been expressed for it. So it is no way comparable to the role of Europeans in the African slave trade.

And the authority of these Jewish organisations to speak on behalf of Jews has not been disputed, certainly in relation to this question, to my knowledge. Moral responsibility cannot simply be waved away as easily as you claim.

I expected these people to do exactly what they have done. It shows the limits of their own morality. Let's be clear here. The articles I publish about Muslims are exactly the same as they always have been. But now these so-called Counterjihadists are no longer going to link to those specific stories because I also publish critical truths about Jews. That tells us a lot about the limits of their resistance to Islam. Pamela Geller has been saying for years that Europeans deserve to have their civilisation extinguished because of the Holocaust. I consider that absurd and morally outrageous. But I do not therefore regard her as an adversary. Even if I do not share all of her perspective, I recognise that we have a common interest in resisting the advance of Islam. I would have no problems linking to her site on occasion. But that's not the approach of these others you mention. In their world, anyone who dares to utter harsh truths about Jews must be ostracised and anathematised. Fuck them. And fuck you. It is we Europeans who are having our lands invaded by Muslims. And it's time we had a European resistance movement to it whose strings weren't being pulled from the other side of the Atlantic by people who don't have our best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

@ CZ

You can't force anyone to take responsibility for their behavior, you can only take responsibility for your own behavior. Nor do you personally get to decide where collective responsibility is appropriate. This is just the way the world works. How do you take people who are more interested in debating the minute details of abstract theories, and hold them collectively responsible for practical effects, especially when there are always members of that same group interested in debating the minute details of opposing abstract theories? If I thought that was my job I would tell everyone who cared about me to fuck off too, out of sheer frustration.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the whites - and maybe even some of the tribe members too have had their senses dulled by the the endless stream of bad news associated with the end of Western civilisation people - and the just as endless stream of propganda that is recasting our higher minds. We are in great peril - CZ is performing a much needed community service - and it is true much of the media is controlled by members of the tribe - take an objective look at the media and then tell us the tribe does not share a large portion of the blame for our destruction - even the head of the bbc is one of them. The author of the previous comment wants us to disappear gracefully - and silently.
This article is from 2002 - l doubt things have changed since then, l bet its just got worse.
Near Total Zionist Jewish
Control Of The British Media
Commentary - Analysis
By Thomas Sparks
As of May, 2002 (edited)

Anonymous said...

There are probably tons of flaws in that article, Murdoch isn't Jewish, for starters. Yes, that is a lot of media involvement, but when you identify with the Jewish people but are broke as fuck, it is impossible to believe that there is a conspiracy happening. The pro-Palestine propaganda so common in the UK is interesting, but not surprising from this perspective. Liberals Jews.....*sigh*

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