Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In the state-run children's nursery in Leimenkaut, the feast day of St. Martin will no longer be officially celebrated, but rather the "Sun-Moon-and-Stars Festival". But how did the idea of changing the name of such a traditional festival come about? "It's no big thing," assures city government spokesman Andreas Moerer. There are no religious reasons behind the renaming.

Many of the institutions' parents see the matter very differently. They were told that the celebration had been renamed in order not to discriminate against anyone - meaning children and parents - from other cultures. Another mother was told that the "Sun-Moon-and-Stars Festival" was more politically correct.


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Sophisticated Western intellectuals like to make fun of Christians who believe. Islam will fill the vacuum created by atheism and nihilism.

Crayola Kid said...

"They were told that the celebration had been renamed in order not to discriminate against anyone..."

That is it in a nutshell. That is how you lose your country.

Anonymous said...

So, refuse to accept the 'renaming' of the Feast of St Martin: tear down, or write over (with the correct name) any official announcement that uses the insulting, and obvious, sop to Paganism and/or Islam. Organise a protest march or a sit-in at the city government's offices (not at the nursery, no reason to involve the innocent children; this was obviously a political/government initiative and one should out the government on this one). Unless people speak up in an organised manner, individual outrage will be fobbed off and one should also turn the argument around: it's a Christian country, a Christian feast, and a majority Christian population and therefore all minorities must accept it --- it is not negotiable. Minorities must bend to the will of the majority (which is why the Left is so intent on race and religious-replacing of the majority, in order to render them into a minority).

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

Tolerance of outsiders means death - simple really.

Anonymous said...

In order not to discriminate against anyone but it is okay to discriminate against Christians.
Bloody leftists!

Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention that actually islamic institutions in Germany don't understand why the name got changed and that they see St. Martin as a good example for anyone, also for muslims, because he shared with the poor. I'm not a muslim, but i think it's important to know all the facts before judging.

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