Friday, 22 November 2013
When police finally apprehended Dekhar on Wednesday they found a number of undated letters on the car seat next to him in which he attempted to justify his actions, Molins said at a press conference on Thursday.

The letters denounce capitalism and speak of "a plot aimed at the return of fascism in the media, in banks, in the policy on suburbs", Molins stated.

Dekhar also accused journalists "of being paid to feed lies to citizens" and slammed, what he called, the "dehumanisation" of people living in the France’s often troubled public housing districts.

Molins significantly said that the letters, “merit being shown to a psychiatrist".
Source: France24

I've seen no explicit mention of Islamic ideology having influenced the shooter. Even if that was only a background factor, in his concerns for people in the "banlieues" we see that differential sense of empathy that genetic relatedness inspires. In mono-ethnic societies, this sense of empathy is the strongest factor holding a society together; in multi-ethnic societies, it is the strongest factor tearing it apart.


Anonymous said...

yeah, tribalism at best. But pretty revealing. This is the mind of a "moderate" appearently..

Anonymous said...

This is kinda similar to how Sirhan Sirhan mindframe was when he shot Kennedy.

Sirhan wasn't a muslim. Sirhan identified only a racial reason for siding with the muslims that dhimmified him. Sirhan was an Arab prehistoric Stormfag.
"M.T. Mehdi, then secretary-general of the Action Committee on American-Arab Relations, believed that Sirhan had acted in justifiable self-defense, stating: "Sirhan was defending himself against those 50 Phantom jets Kennedy was sending to Israel." Mehdi wrote a 100-page book on the subject called Kennedy and Sirhan: Why?[29]
Later in prison, Sirhan stated that his motivation was anger fueled by liquor. An interview with Sirhan in 1980 revealed new claims that a combination of liquor and anger over the anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war triggered his actions the night he assassinated RFK. "You must remember the circumstances of that night, June 5. That was when I was provoked," Sirhan says, recorded in a transcript of one of his interviews with Mehdi, later president of the New York-based American-Arab Relations Committee. "That is when I initially went to observe the Jewish Zionist parade in celebration of the June 5, 1967, victory over the Arabs. That was the catalyst that triggered me on that night." Then Sirhan said, "In addition, there was the consumption of the liquor, and I want the public to understand that..." "

Dr Bazooka said...

[blockquote] The "dehumanisation" of people living in the France’s public housing districts. [/blockquote]

Indeed ! These areas are becoming zoos that have each day less to see with civilization.

At the origin, all these suburbs were widely White... Why did the Europeans flee ?

The barbarians have created their own ghetto by destroying everything, by pissing in the lifts, by shitting in the basements or the stairs, by burning their neighbours' cars, by attacking shops and cops, by soiling the walls with their so tasty art... And after that, they whimper that their promiscuity is considered as repugnant.

NB : The renovation program (called "PNRU1") of these exotic suburbs will have cost 42 billion euros. (And another plan (PNRU2) will follow.)

The crisis isn't for everyone.

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