Saturday, 30 November 2013
"It's not the first time I've falsified the results of an online poll," explains to the person who claims to have generated, all on his own, a "massive vote" on the site on the question of the day: "Being sacked for wearing a veil at work, does that shock you?" Intended for the program "Soir 3" on Wednesday, the online poll showed 83% in favour of "Yes", but France 3 decided not to broadcast the results on the network, citing "abnormal activity" that "resembles hacking". And giving rise to accusations of "censorship".

"I've already performed similar actions on a poll for the LCP, Dauphiné libéré or Europe 1 sites," explains this IT entrepreneur who prefers to remain anonymous. But I'm not a vandal or anti-polls. I'd prefer to be an activist but I don't have time." Aged 30 and Muslim, he doesn't define himself as a defender of the Muslim cause either and underlines the fact that he has acted on other subjects. "I'm just curious and I'm just trying the techniques...", he says.
Source: Le Monde


Roni said...

Falsifying results of an online poll, deliberately falsifying of facts in governmental media channels (as it was recently admitted by the head of the Italian state TV channels), are part development in mass psychology bearing the name: “SOCIAL ENGINEERING”. The new branch of mass psychology, encompass mass brainwashing and disinformation. The everyday use of Social Engineering is for example: bringing as much as possible multiculturalism on TV and movies (coloured news readers, leading rolls in movies etc.).
The biggest users of Social Engineering are: a) the political-correct multiculturalists who still try to shape our opinion at their favour; even if reality had become an everlasting nightmare. By using Social Engineering the population in western countries had become zombies as the ‘Soma’ users in Aldous Humley book ‘Brave New World’. If a group of imported outsiders should behave itself in Eastern European countries, the way Africans and Muslims are behaving themselves in Sweden, pogroms would have already taken place right away. The ‘guests’ were wiped out from the country surface. No normal folk (a folk not under brainwash) had taken this behaviour for granted. b) EU is also using on substantial scale Social Engineering in order to preserve it’s power and let the people believe they cannot live with out it’s existence. Lot of people in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union believed that there should be no further existence after the regimes will fall.

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