Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On Sunday night, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church in the Ozanam district [of Carcassonne] was the target of a fire that was set deliberately. Objects of the liturgy were destroyed. The fire also damaged the choir and the sacristy.

"Whenever a synagogue or a mosque is touched, there is always a forceful and determined expression of indignation". His face hardened and his voice serious, Jean-Claude Pérez expressed forceful condemnation yesterday afternoon of "this scandalous and intolerable act" target the chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul on Sunday night. "It is scandalous in my opinion that acts like this, when a church is harmed, are treated as banal," the deputy-mayor thundered again, in front of the religious objects blackened by the flames and warped by the effect of the heat.

...Although the firemen were able to limit the propagation of the flames, there was significant damage to the interior of the building. However, the concrete structure was able to prevent the total incineration of the chapel.

Installed in a "sensitive" quarter, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church has never been threatened specifically. "A few times we had small stones put in the locks, but never anything serious," recalls the churchman. "Kids' games!" picks up the deputy mayor, "but these are no longer kids' games."

... Luc Caraguel, le vicar general of the diocese, displays the same indignation. "Freedom of religion," he recalls, is also one of the elements of liberty per se," hastening to add that we "must not stigmatise a district or a population" and that it was appropriate to "keep a cool head" in relation to this event.
Source: ladepeche.fr


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