Monday, 25 November 2013
Where are they going to put all those people? And their children...?

"Swedish authorities cannot cope with the amount of refugees.

In September the Swedish government decided that all refugees from Syria must be offered permanent residence. Since then a record amount of refugees have arrived in Sweden putting the migration authorities under pressure. ...
In just a few weeks 1,800 asylum seekers arrived, and it is estimated that Sweden will take in 56,000 refugees in 2013. The prognosis for 2014 is 60,000 refugees. ...

Therefore the migration authorities are now asking for an additional 500 million kroners to hire 550 more people to handle the refugees."


Anonymous said...

I guess they will put native Swedes out of their homes and into the street to satisfy their own pathalogical altruism. The Islamic Other must be cared for first.

Roni said...

It is unbelievable how far can a government go in oppressing it’s own local citizens. However, the Swedes are keeping on voting for brainwashed mental ill people to represent them as ‘government’. That means there has to be something very wrong with them either. They just cannot think normally anymore. The good old Vikings could have never imagined that their offspring’s will turn one day into zombies. They are a disgrace for the brave warriors and seamen they ever had been. I believe reality will stroke them with out a warning. They should have to leave the cosy place by the fire side and go to fight for their rights on the country they had once inherited from their ancestors. It would be a merciless cruel fight with an enemy that does not inherited any sense of humanity who’s hobby is to behead their victims, decapitate limbs, mass rape what ever is female and even cannibalism. The longer the Swedes let themselves be ruled by morbid leftists government, the less chance they are making to live free and even stay alive. The next war is Knocking on Heavens Door.

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