Thursday, 14 November 2013

France is notorious for the penalties its legal system imposes on free expression. I wasn't aware that it actually had a mechanism for banning books outright, however.
In summary judgement, the justice system today ordered the ban for antisemitism of a book edited by the essayist associated with the far right Alain Soral, a rare decision, and the partial censorship of four others.

"The anthology of remarks against Jews, Judaism and Zionism" by Paul-Eric Blanrue, edited in 2013 and sold on the web site of Kontre Kulture publications, must be withdrawn from sale "within one month", according to a decision of the Bobigny court. Certain passages from four other works of the 19th and 20th centuries, republished by Alain Soral, "La France juive" [Jewish France] by Edouard Drumont, "Le salut par les juifs" [Salvation through the Jews] by Léon Bloy, "Le juif international" [The International Jew] by Henry Ford and "La controverse de Sion" [The Zion Controversy] by Douglas Reed must be removed.

The justice system reproaches these works for crimes "of insult towards a group of people for belonging to a specific religion", of "denial of crimes against humanity" and "provocation to racial hatred". The judgement also requires the publisher and Alain Soral to pay, "on a provisional basis", 8000 euros to LICRA [International League Against Racism and Antisemitism], as well as to pay some of the legal costs.
Source: Le Figaro

All of the Counterjihad bloggers and organisations that now bleat about the encroachments on free speech in Europe say not a word about the origins of this movement to criminalise opinion and expression. Holocaust denial laws represented the first major infringement of this basic liberty. Once the principle had been established, of course, it was easy to extend it a bit further in incremental steps so that we arrive at our present predicament, where our continent is being overrun by hostile alien hordes and we're not allowed to talk about it.

It's worth noting that these are historical texts. It would be impossible to understand the history of 20th century Europe without examining the growth of anti-Jewish feeling, including the texts that inspired it and reflected it. But no. This is now Verboten.

Note that if this story had been about a Islam-critical book being banned in France, all of the Counterjihad blogs would have linked to it and covered it. But now they know it relates to Judaism, not Islam, they'll just walk on by. Because all Counterjihad activists cower in fear of being called antisemitic. All except one.


parisclaims said...

Let's hope the French show a little consistency, and backbone, ( not likely) and continue with their ban on books that incite religious hatred. The should ban the Koran.

Anonymous said...

indeed, parisclaims, do you think if someone were to file a case it would go ahead? in the qur'an and the hadith there are overt calls for the annihilation of the jews, and it refers to them in incredibly pejorative terms. surely this falls under the umbrella of "of insult towards a group of people for belonging to a specific religion" & "provocation to racial hatred"

Anonymous said...

I would not wish to see any book banned because, implicit in such an action would also be the intention to silence freedom of speech and free will. This is, therefore, why any body of people opposed to an ideology which seeks to pervert and/or destroy their freedoms must insist upon freedom of speech and must fight to preserve or restore it. However repulsive and threatening an ideology's premises, or its actions, may be regarded, it is in what should be the open arena of unrestricted debate and rebuttal that we should first engage it. If you ban a book, how are you to know what its adherents believe and what their goals, and tactics, are? The contempt for the human mind and soul and the intention to enslave them, which is at the core of such legislative restrictions as banning a book, is the real enemy and the deadliest of all 'crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

i only want the qur'an banned to fuck with muslims and make them feel like the dog shit they are, i wouldn't ban any other work, neither das kapital, nor my struggle, nor even a theory of justice

Dr Bazooka said...

For each book, excepted, maybe, some quotes contained in Blanrue's anthology, this ruling seems to me absolutly illegal.
In France, the principle is (was ?) that you have the right to publish EVERY "historical" text (i.e. already published, before the Liberation).

Exemple. If Céline's pamphlets are out of print, it's because his widow refuses them to be reprinted -not because they would be forbidden.)

(Note : Soral is a pro-muslim antisemitic.)

It's obviously a political decision meant to bankrupt his publishing house.

Typical of "our" "justice". In every domain. The unelected judges don't state the law : they act "selon leur bon plaisir".

Anonymous said...

Nevermind that this is actually an article about French policy, bring on the dungeons-and-dragons rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

The genocide of whole distinct peoples proceeds apace.

Anonymous said...

"But Zheyan Kareem, 31, who has a seven-year-old boy at the school and moved to the UK eight years ago, supported the language ban."

surprise surprise, the muslim approves of this genocide of white people.

Crayola Kid said...

I agree. Free speech should be protected at all costs. Since our European friends were not as diligent about this as they should have been we see where it has led and where it is going. The array of "hate speech" laws can be used to silence any opposition to the ongoing colonization of European cities and eventually entire nations by the followers of the desert nomad, Mo.

Anonymous said...

In France the Fabius-Gayssot law is used against holocaust revisionists.
It has been in effect since July 1990. That's right, for over 20 years. If the French public had protested this totalitarian attack on free speech and freedom of expression then the situation would not be so dire now. They didn't have to agree with them simply their right to express their views. But they didn't and now free speech is almost gone when it comes to historical, immigration and multicultural matters. The most famous of the French revisionists is Robert Faurisson, a former professor from the Sorbonne -

Anonymous said...

The EU sure likes censorship and banning books. I'm reading a book right now that is banned in Europe but not in Canada and the US. "The Clash of Civilizations" by Samuel
P. Hunter. Very, very interesting.

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