Friday, 1 November 2013

This is a follow-up to a recent post about the riots which took place recently in Aachen - Germany, and in which police had to run for their lives from an enraged mob of 50-60 immigrants. According to the locals, the police have no power to take the situation under control, and they even talk about organizing self defense groups, quite probably in order to protect themselves from the massive cultural enrichment which has taken place in the city.

As time goes on, more and more people will begin questioning the role and the authority of the police forces. More honest officials have already admitted that they are powerless to protect the citizens against attacks, and the overall situation in Europe shows a steady worsening. So it is more than plausible that in the end, individuals who don't give a damn about being called "racist" and "fascist" when it is their security and that of their children which is at stake, will begin setting up (armed?) self defense groups and care for themselves instead of trusting in an institution emasculated by multiculturalism and political correctness.

Large-scale raid after police hunt in Aachen

After having been hounded in the Eastern district of Aachen, police responded with a raid which went on for days. In the course of 5 days, people and premises were checked in the surroundings of Elsass Square. In a Sisha-Bar police found drugs, money allegedly coming from drug trafficking which amounted to a 4-digit sum, and also diverse stolen goods, among others a package containing one hundred empty school certificates from a school in Aachen.

What triggered the recent riots last Thursday was the attempt of the patrolling police agent at Elsass Square to capture an offender. The agent was then hounded by a dozen immigrants along the Square and Schleswig Street, and also threatened with death. As 15 of his colleagues rushed to help him, they had to flee from a group of 50-60 persons.

Capitulation to the criminal mob

This event created a heated controversy in Aachen. Preoccupied citizens were talking about the capitulation of the police to the criminal mob, and were calling for the creation of civil defense groups. Police spokesman Paul Kemen rejected the accusations of having failed (in their duty) and he praised the restraint of the police. “The agent involved and those who arrived later have in spite of the volatility of the situation not allowed their emotions to lead them, but they acted very prudently”, he declared to Aachener Nachrichten.

There were many onlookers in the place. “Police measures cannot be carried through without taking the possible losses into consideration”. Kemen admitted that it was a “new dimension” of violence, but he said that the population there was not “without protection”. Although the mob was composed of men “virtually all with an immigrant background”, he warned against a “generalizing suspicion”.

This huge raid can now be considered more as a failure in light of the efforts put into it. There were no more successful actions than the detention of four individuals in the Sisha-bar on suspicion of being illegal immigrants. Police chief Christian Außen declared to the newspaper that: “None of them was there. We will concentrate on other problematic zones“. An analysis of this incident was announced by the mayor’s office, for “something like this must not happen again”.

Source: Junge Freiheit


Anonymous said...

Isn't Cultural Marxism a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

You people need to fight back, kick those vermin's arses out.

Anonymous said...

I might add I just lost a long time friend due to political correctness, it was no longer possible to discuss any of it with him without being called a "nazi" and later just ignored, despite my pleas for him to listen. Thanks f***in socialist b**tards.

Reality Check said...

Hey Germans, your govt. is replacing you with a new people, and you are paying for it! Time to take down the EU and the liberals. They have brought this dystopia to your community. Fight back.

Pigs blood for muhmaund. said...

in czezoka just before ww2 was'nt there a jew who organised self defence groups against nazi's? and developed krav mangna? and after ww2 moved to israel. perhaps people should be reading about him and copying his tactic's. time to give the mudslims a taste of there own medicene. and be sure to use a liberal amount of pig's blood :)

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