Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Recently, I posted about an incident in Sweden where a girl was thrown out of a cocktail bar because she supported the "far right" Sweden Democrats. Now something similar is happening in Austria.
Vienna. "The Grelle Forelle [Bright Trout] has no place for FPÖ voters." Since election Sunday, this post has been up on the Facebook page of the well-known Vienna electro nightclub. 53,000 people have now read the entry. By Tuesday evening, it had been shared 115 times and commented on 300 times. Mostly positively - not always however.

"We didn't expect this reaction," says one of the two directors of the Grelle Forelle, who doesn't want his name mentioned. The posting came about because of an emotional mood after the election. "But we also want to position the club with it. Far-right people have no place here with us," he says. He wants "those who discriminate against others to feel discriminated against themselves," so that he can live.

But now others have seized on the post. Rudi Wrany, for example, who hosts the "Crazy Club" in Flex, also posted on the Facebook page of his event on Monday that FPÖ voters are not welcome there.

According to the director of the Grelle-Forelle, Wrany and other clubs and event holders are already considering an "Alliance against the right". "It's time the entertainment sector did something against developments in this country," says the young man. Especially as clubs are already frequented by young people. The posting will not have any immediate consequences for visitors however. "We're not going to check the party membership card at the door now."
Source: DiePresse

Hopefully this will have significant economic consequences for these clubs.

Bear in mind that, in the elections on Sunday, the Freedom Party was only a few percentage points behind the mainstream left and right parties.

It was even in the lead among young male voters, with 32% of the vote among males between 16 and 30.



Surely this is illegal?this is discrimination based upon a persons political beliefs and is "protected"in all of the un conventions,the eussr rights of man,so start prosecuting these retarded commies.

Anonymous said...

F*ck Grelle-Forelle and Fu*k Wrany FPO voters have made the best choice. i used to think Austrians were better off than Germans.. sigh

Anonymous said...

Not confident of your ability to use reason to persuade others to your point of view? Try fascism instead !

Antisocialist said...

Hehe that sh*t backfired in Sweden.
There was this sheo company that said "We don't want Sweden Democrats to buy from us", they all said "Ok" and now they're filing for bankruptcy. :D

This will happen to these clubs as well.
But I'm all for everybody discriminating against whoever they want to, it shouldn't be that people that don't want muslims in should not be allowed but just these guys, can't have the cake and eat it, either you let all discriminate as they see fit or no one gets to do it, I'm for letting all discriminate freely without even having to tell why they do it.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

What was the name of that company?

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