Saturday, 19 October 2013
The United Nations is about to investigate whether the celebration of the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas has racist motives. The High Commissioner for Human Rights, the South African Navanethem Pillay, wants to know if Zwarte Piet is an expression of a racist stereotype, NRC Handelsblad writes on Saturday.

Earlier this year a letter arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed by four UN Special Rapporteurs on human rights, cultural rights and racism.

The letter said that the UN has received information that the Dutch tradition surrounding the Sinterklaas 'is racist at its core'. According to this information, the character of Zwarte Piet [Black Pete] is that of a 'fool' and 'servant' that feeds the stereotype of Africans as ‘second-class citizens’.

Why the United Nations, which was founded in 1945, has only now come up with this research is unclear. It may relate to a Dutch request to add the celebration to the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is clear that the international body is suddenly in a hurry. A judgement will be made about the children’s celebration at the end of November.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile there are 30 milion slaves stil this current day... This isnt about slavery this is about breaking the spirit of the dutch nation. If slavery was realy such a big issue to them why not go after saudie arabia or sudan, maybe even china or bangladesh perhaps.... Lots of slavery in those nations. Why always the selective amazement from the left. It seem they only agitate when there is a european people to be picked on.

They seem to forget we abolished it long time ago, forced other nations to do the same. Gave up our colonies. Yet we have to be confronted. Can we keep something to remind us who we are?

Anonymous said...

They are at war with us - an undeclared war but war all the same. They wont stop until whites are reduced to a tiny rump minority - and we have been stripped of every identifier - culture - language - race - religion - everything that defines us. When the whites have been rendered mud coloured and mute our enemies will declare victory.
We don't need any more proof. Either you are with us or you are anti-white - THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for white people slavery would still be going, we had to strong arm everyone else to stop, screw the stupid liberal trash sellouts!


These traditions must be preserved,all of our traditions ,in all European countries must be preserved,because it is who we are.If you are lost in a big city,you are only lost because you can not remember the route that you followed to get to your present position.We have traditions and ceremonies in our cultures because they mark something important,something that we should not forget,for our wellbeing and safety.
A couple of years ago,it cost $30,000 to buy a slave in south Africa,if even the negroes are enslaving negroes,any accusation levelled at Europeans is totally spurious,and is designed not to heal a wound ,but to open one,according to the Marxist agenda of the un.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont hate colours...The albino African is also white,but I hate the pointless primitivism and the agression and injustice of the Islamofascist. In fact,they are the worst kind of fascists!!

Anonymous said...

Who controls amurrica?

Anonymous said...

First of all learn who sinterklaas is before you speak about Dutch Christmas. Sinterklaas has nothing to do with Christmas. That is something that grew in the UN as they couldn't prenounce sinterklaas when the Dituch came to the UN!
2nd. WHo are they to dictate us that we have to throw our culture our traditions out of the window. There are 2 different stories about Sinterklaas. 1 is that he had a morisch helper. That is why Black Pete is dressed like he does and 2nd that it was a white chimney sweeper that got black of all the soot of the chimneys he cleaned. The soot didn't wash off anymore in the end and that is how he became Black Pete. There are more worse problems in the world where they should give notice to like the figting in Syrië

Anonymous said...

First of, zwarte Piet is a moor slave a muslim slave, so there is no discrimination or racism involved what so ever. This is simply how things should be done all the time. You a goatfucker a Satan's worshipper you a slave. Peace out

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