Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A notorious gang ‘general’ who poses a ‘serious threat to the public’ could be back on Britain’s streets within months because ministers have failed to have him deported.

Joland Giwa, whose street name is Dexter, led a campaign of terror on the streets of Croydon, South London, and is ready ‘at any time to use knives and weapons’, police say.

In a gangster-style YouTube video, he is seen boasting about having stabbed a man ‘in the f****** head’ and threatening to attack other gangs who intrude on his territory.
He has been held since 2009 when he finished a jail sentence, but immigration officials have failed to secure him a passport, as two different African countries, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, both refuse to accept he is one of theirs.

Yesterday a judge ruled that immigration officials had three months to get him travel documents and if they failed Giwa should be released.

Critics said the ‘ridiculous’ case demonstrated Britain’s powerlessness to remove foreign criminals living here illegally. Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘A thug on the streets of south London who is terrorising innocent Londoners and who is not even in the country legally should be removed.’

Giwa, 24, is the self-proclaimed ‘general’ in charge of the Don’t Say Nothing gang – known as DSN – with a string of convictions for theft and robbery.

In 2007, the DSN gang was behind a surge in violence on the streets of Croydon which saw stabbings, shootings and murder, police say. Officers linked Giwa to at least 99 incidents of criminal or anti-social behaviour.

One former officer told Giwa’s immigration hearing he has a ‘clear propensity for violence’ and poses a ‘serious threat to the public’.

Darin Birmingham, a former police sergeant, said Giwa had no fear of ‘confrontation and violence’ and was ready at any time to use knives and other weapons.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, he is seen shouting a string of obscenities and threats at the camera, stating: ‘I am the f****** general.’

In an expletive-filled rant posted on YouTube, Giwa boasts of ‘shanking’ (stabbing) his rivals. He says:
‘I am DSN rep in Croydon. Croydon is our town so no more catch you in Croydon. Ask about DSN, who started it. I am the f****** general, say no more G.

‘I am a bad boy. I have shanked a man in the f****** head. I have shanked a man in the neck G. I saw him no. I was like Boom [inaudible]. Remember you caught me and you tried to stab me in my head G. Me and Moodz [the claimant’s brother] started chasing him. My brother Moodz yeah. Big old Moodz yeah. So we caught him in the f****** grass. We caught him in the park. And I bottled his head. Shank, shank, shank him in the f****** head.
‘Man, you can try. All you can do is try. But me, I don’t try, I get you. Get me. I’ll get you …  I’ll get you physically. DSN hold the evidence.

He adds: ‘I have shanked [stabbed] a man in the f****** head.’ The video prompted a spate of gang violence against rival groups Terror Zone from Mitcham and a Thornton Heath gang called Shine My Nine. Giwa landed at Heathrow aged 10 on a flight from Nigeria with his twin brother but no parent or guardian, in 1999.

He had no identity documents and claimed asylum on the spot, telling officials he was from Sierra Leone and his parents were killed in the civil war in that country.
He claimed a stranger had rescued him and his brother and put them on a plane. His asylum claim was refused but he was given permission to stay for four years, before permanent leave was granted in 2005.

By then he already had a conviction for handling stolen goods, and over the next four years he committed a string of robberies and thefts which resulted in a 27-month jail term in February 2009. Time served meant he was due for release later that year. At the time, he posted a picture on Facebook of himself in his cell, taken on a smuggled mobile phone. An internet post said he would be ‘touching road real soon’.

But instead he was held in an immigration centre as officials tried to kick him out of the UK. In March 2011 he was transferred to high security Belmarsh prison after intelligence suggested he was involved in smuggling drugs into the detention centre.

His brother Make was jailed for trying to smuggle heroin and sim cards in to Belmarsh last year.

Meanwhile, both Nigeria and Sierra Leone have refused to recognise him as a national of their country or to give him a passport.

After interviewing him in 2010 the Sierra Leone High Commission said the ‘tribe he mentioned is not a Sierra Leone tribe’ – and claimed he was Nigerian. But the Nigerian High Commission says he isn’t Nigerian. In July this year a fresh approach was made to Sierra Leone to get him a passport. A meeting with an immigration official from the country is due to take place this week.

At the High Court, Giwa’s lawyer said his detention was no longer reasonable, but the Home Office insisted there was still a ‘realistic prospect of removal’ to Sierra Leone.
Judge John Keyser QC, said the Home Office was ‘entirely justified in coming to the view that the claimant presents a very significant risk both of absconding and re-offending’ and that he presents a ‘serious risk of violence’.

But he said the length of his detention – 53 months – had been ‘pushed to the limit of what is capable of being considered reasonable’, and set a deadline of three months before Giwa should be let out.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are pleased with the court’s decision to dismiss Joland Giwa’s legal challenge against his detention.

‘Giwa is a dangerous individual and he remains in immigration detention while work continues to remove him from the UK.’
Source: Daily Mail


parisclaims said...

With a bit of luck he'll get killed by a rival ape and the problem will be solved. In the meantime all we can do is vote UKIP and hope Farage develops a mean streak.

Anonymous said...

give him a parachute, fly him into sierra leone airspace and shove him out, hopefully he's smart enough to pull the cord...

Anonymous said...

Place the African in a raft, point him in the direction of Africa, and shove him off on his way.

Anonymous said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with racism, Nazism, intolerance, et al. It has everything to do with what God, or nature if you wish, has established. That people are different and were designed to live among their own people in their own lands.

These Africans and Arabs are not NW Europeans by any stretch of the imagination. They differ from us emotionally, psychologically, and genetically. Very plainly, these people are alien to us and belong in their own lands. This should be obvious to a child.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. People sometimes use the term "White guilt" as a means of explaining why we allow these aliens to not only live amongst us but bestow upon the special privileges not afforded to our own people. We even allow them to freely interbreed with our women, totally accepting them as equals in every way.

This is not "White guilt." It is pathalogical altruism. We know intuitively and studies have confirmed that white people are by far the most altruistic people on the planet. Non-whites recognise this fact and routinely prey upon it. They use it against us.

If this does not change in the very near future complete racial dissolution and the loss of our nations will be upon us.

Sadly, the Counter Jihadist practitioners fail to recognise this or refuse to admit it. "If only we could be rid of Islamic doctrine all would be well" is their false mantra.

In any event, the antidote to altruism is suffering. Diversity and racial enrichment will have to be keenly experienced before the masses rise up in bloody revolt. So let it be done.

Identaire said...

The proof of what you are saying is true can be derived from the black on white crime wave carried out daily in the USA. Rapes and murders by the thousands every year and has NOTHING to do with Islamic doctrine but rather has EVERYTHING to do with with racial genetics which predispose blacks toward a higher crime rate. Arabs are not far behind. Orientals have the lowest predisposition toward crime.

Another thing the counterjihadis ignore.


So what of genetic tests?bones have been found in cheddar whos dna match a descendant who lives only a few miles away,these bones are 7000 years old,if the scientists can accomplish this,tracing the origins of this retarded vicious nigger should be easy,unless they are not trying for some obscure political reason,

Anonymous said...

‘The General’, Joland Giwa, depict himself as a ‘bad guy’. Up to the level of human development, he is just one more African negro and he is doing ‘nigger things’. You cannot expect from him to be different. It is in his genes. Take a look at the following video and you will have the whole picture :
People who are moving from point A on the planet to point B or even point C are not only moving physically, but they take with them: their mental condition, habits, tradition and all the trash that had surround them at the exit point. The judge rule is a symptom to the sick European policy in our time. Two things are needed to bring change: a) to broom all Generation ’68 and political-correct multiculturalists from policy positions, b) get the hell out of the EU. After that, a mass deportation of ‘bad guys’ like Giwa and Jihad hero’s will only be a question of formality.

Anonymous said...

And white kids emulating this stuff, i say 5 feet of rope should do.

Anonymous said...

@23 October 2013 07:59

That's exactly right, it need not be about nazism or jew-hatred, but we should indeed be able to live in our own country and amongst our own people without crappy aliens who already have their own place to live.

The fact that they do nothing over there and live in a dump is not our problem.

I agree with 11:29 too, throw hippies out.

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