Wednesday, 23 October 2013
"The best way Europe can limit the amount of drowning refugees in the Mediterranean is to prevent the refugees arriving at the shores of the Maghreb countries. Mediterranean coastal Africa needs every support in the fight against human traffickers and with the deportation of refugees.
The only effective way of fighting human trafficking is to dry out the demand for their service. This will only be the case if it is clear that all illegal refugees are returned to their starting point, and if those who have no reason for political asylum, are deported immediately.
Fortress Europe? Unfortunately, yes. But the Roman Empire behind the limes and China behind and the Great Wall were strongholds for many centuries. This allowed their development and ensured their survival.
What's the alternative?"

Source: PI-news


Roni said...

There is only one alternative: massive use of drones and gunboats between the territorial waters of Italy, Greece etc. (territorial waters are about 25 sea miles from the coast line). The crews - even the ones who operate the drones on remote control - got to have a special mental training. We are in terms of war against the non-stop invasion, sat up by Arabs and Muslims in order to harm and in the long run to invade and enslave Europe. This is a new type of warfare. In the 20th century warfare was based on soldiers running with guns, aided by tanks, planes etc. In the second half of the 20th century a new kind of warfare was introduced; the psychological war. In the beginning it was maintained especially by the Americans and Russians. Later on, the Arabs and Muslims had discovered it’s efficiency. The invasion by “refugees boats’ is based on the idea of the ‘Gaza Flotilla raid’ of 2010. It is aiming against our natural conscious and sense of humanity. The financiers of the ‘refugee raids’ are counting on the aid the Europeans will give to the ‘poor refugees’ and let them in mass through all over Europe. This is, by the way, what their co-helpers Quislings are suggesting in the European Parliament. Not helping them, will damage the name of Europeans as ‘jolly good fellows’ who are not fulfilling their Christian duty. We have the choice: be good and harm our future and the future of our children, or being bad racists and …stay alive!. Personally I choose for the second.

Anonymous said...

They abuse the law of the sea, which states that shipwrecked people have to be picked up, thats why their boats are "accidentally" sinking, should be amended to say illegal immigrants will not be picked up.

Gerry Dorrian said...

Unfortunately, I see no alternative to the measures suggested, and that we have come to this is a massive indictment of European policies over the past several decades.

Roni said...

@Gerry Dorrian
Indeed there is no alternative the measures above. WE ARE AT WAR. Even if this war is wholly different from the one Europe had during WWII it is, in the long run, not less dangerous!!. In order to survive, we have to fight back. Neville Chamberlain in his pathetic ‘Peace in our time’ (1938) had done everything to avoid war. Alas, reality was stronger than delusions. Most of the pilots who took off with their squadrons every evening from their bases in Britain in order to bomb Nazi Germany, did not like the idea of dropping their bombs down on civilians, but they knew there was no other choice. Defeat Nazi Germany means fighting with all means. The people down in Düsseldorf, Köln, Dresden etc. were at the time of bombing busy with their evening meals with their family, or preparing themselves for the night. THE ENEMY of our time is not busy with it’s evening meal or any other activity that is typical for civilian population (even if it belongs to the opponents) it is constantly ON THE MOVE! to our shores 24 hours a day. Wave after wave it is trying to stealth into the country and destroy it from within. There is NO OTHER WAY but FIGHTING BACK.

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