Sunday, 27 October 2013

There is a post worth reading in the Telegraph (here) about the Communist fellow traveller Angela Davis, who defended the imprisonment of dissidents on the old East Bloc regimes yet still enjoys respect in polite company. After discussing her particular case, the author takes a step back to consider the phenomenon of these deluded intellectuals more broadly.
Paul Hollander explained the 20th-century phenomenon of utopia-seeking among Western intellectuals – the idealisation of other social systems as essentially superior, whatever their "flaws" – as due to estrangement. In other words, a reflexive disparagement of the West, a subculture of alienation, an adversary culture obsessed with the defects of its own society, and convinced that their alienation conferred upon them "a redemptive quality", a "moral absolutism", a "rectitude", next to which errors and misjudgements were small beer (hence their lack of self-criticism, shame, and guilt. Hence the absence of accounting; indeed a culture of discounting). The intensity of the rejection of one’s own society went hand in hand with an imperative: find an alternative, a place to which one can attach oneself.

I find the use of the word "estrangement" here interesting and appropriate. But there is no attempt to analyse where this sense of estrangement or instinct for "reflexive disparagement of the West" might have come from. Of course, the "West" is just another term for European civilisation. The rather obvious insight that non-Europeans might feel a greater sense of estrangement within European civilisation than people of European ancestral origin seems to escape the author, Alan Johnson, or is perhaps considered too delicate to mention. Angela Davis, of course, is a negress. Many of her fellow travellers were Jews. Johnson, as "Editor of Fathom: for a deeper understanding of Israel and the region and Senior Research Fellow at the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM)" is unlikely to want to shed any light on this issue.

If the non-European embrace of ideologies that would tend to destructively transform European societies is ever mentioned at all, it is usually only to present discussion of it in caricature form as the claim of a monumental, malevolent conspiracy. Characterising it in this way makes it easier to mock or knock down. But subconscious empathic bias is a much more plausible explanatory mechanism than conscious ill-will. This, of course, is never addressed, because the Equality Cult tells us that "people are all the same". And everyone in the public sphere must bow to the tenets of the Cult.


Anders Nyström said...

"The intensity of the rejection of one’s own society went hand in hand with an imperative: find an alternative, a place to which one can attach oneself."

Indeed, the basic need to belong to somewhere is an ancestral imperative of men. One needs to associate with others in order to feel secure, and if needed, backed and protected by other people with one's own affinities. If one rejects its own roots, values, customs, then a gaping void appears which must be filled with something else, for if not, one's life becomes utterly void and nonsensical. Some of them choose to belong to an ideological group such as communists, antifas, muslims or multiculturalists, which seem to be valid options for them. It is an interesting process in which the sense of belonging to a nation, to a "Volk" in the sense of a centuries old culture with its distinctive set of values and its own language is plainly replaced by belonging to a determined group of people which sets political values as their common denominator. The idea of "French" "German" or "Spanish" disappears, and such new entities as "Socialist", "Communist" or "Muslim" take their place. Thus the much hated idea of "Nation" disappears, for those people begin to establish alternative parameters when choosing where to belong. For ultimately they need to belong to somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Your readers may find this interesting and informative regarding the Equality Cult. Yhis piece was written by Alex Kurtagic, titled Equality as an Evil

I think it is one of Alex's better pieces. Enjoy.

isntlam said...

"But there is no attempt to analyse where this sense of estrangement or instinct for "reflexive disparagement of the West" might have come from."

He says it. They were Utopia seekers. Their Utopian ideals can never be realized, and are only accepted in the first place to glorify their egos. They see themselves as superior to their own society because their own society can never live up to their ideals.

Like Margaret Mead they project their ideals onto non-Western societies, and no amount of experience can ever teach them that they live in a dream world.

Anonymous said...

Say no to generation '68!

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