Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Guardian today the stories of various converts female to Islam. It's sad, sad stuff. Here are just a few of the more pitiable details.
I tried to join various Islamic communities: Turkish, Pakistani and Moroccan. I went to the Moroccan mosque for three years without one person greeting me or wishing me "Eid Mubarak". I had cancer and not one Muslim friend (except a very holy old man) came to pray with me in nine months of treatment. But these are small annoyances compared with what I've gained: serenity, wisdom and peace. I've now finally found my Muslim community and it is African.

Many Muslims come to London as immigrants. Their ethnic identity is tied to the mosque; they don't want white faces there. We are pioneers. There will be a time when white converts won't be seen as freaks.
Source: Guardian

I grew up in Germany in a Protestant but not terribly religious family, then in 1989 moved to London to present on MTV Europe. I interviewed everyone from Bob Geldof to David Bowie, worked hard and partied hard, but something was missing. At a moment of crisis, I was introduced to the cricketer Imran Khan. He gave me books on Islam and invited me to travel with him through Pakistan. Those trips opened a new dimension in my life, an awareness of spirituality. The Muslims I met touched me profoundly through their generosity, dignity and readiness to sacrifice for others. The more I read, the more Islam attracted me. I converted in 1995.

When the German media found out, a negative press campaign followed and within no time my contract was terminated. It was the end of my entertainment career. It has been a challenge transforming my TV work in line with my new-found values, but I am working on a Muslim culture and lifestyle show. I feel I have a bridging role to play between the Muslim heritage community and society at large.

Most Muslims marry young, often with the help of their families, but I converted at 30. When I was still single 10 years later, I decided to look online. There, I met and fell in love with a charming, Muslim-born TV producer from Morocco who lived in the US. We had a lot in common and married in 2006. But his interpretation of Islam became a way of controlling me: I was expected to give up my work, couldn't talk to men and even had to cut men out of old photographs. I should have stood up to him, because a lot of what he asked of me was not Islamic but cultural, but I wanted to make the marriage work. I am now looking for a trusting Muslim husband who is more focused on the inner values of Islam than on outward restrictions.

I have no regrets. On the contrary: my life now has meaning and that is priceless.

I bought this woman's book recently. Her name is Kristiane Backer. What she leaves out of this brief account is that she converted in the expectation that Imran Khan was going to marry her. But then he told her that he had got a message from Allah or his imam or something telling him it would be a bad idea for him to marry her. So she was jilted, but probably in an excess of pride, felt the need to demonstrate that her conversion to Islam wasn't just down to him. What a pathetic case. Still, at least she won't be leaving any little Muslim sprogs behind to trouble the next generation.


Reality Check said...

Pathetic. "I love my prison!" What do you do with a prisoner who loves their prison?

Anonymous said...

"There will be a time when white converts won't be seen as freaks."

The majority of whites will always see you as freaks. The Third World followers of the desert religion will always see you as a useful idiot.

White females who convert to the world's largest cult invariably have the same underlying initial motive: they are seeking and have a warped fetish for Third World, non-white flesh. Its a sexual thing for these creatures.

They are traitors not only to their own people but to themselves as well. Perverts is how I see them. Enemies to their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Western females are the best of humanity.

due to their biological role, they value joy, gentlemanship, courage, and individual achievement (also status, stability and protection).

if the men of their race are dull, callous, ignorant, undeucated, weak, cowardly, dishonest, nihilist nobodies - then whom should you blame.

they look for alternatives, can even fall to the charms of a conman.

the key is the failure of Western men.

Anonymous said...

People convert to Islam due to an identity crisis.Identity can only be gained when you have support back at home.Western consumerism and feminist ideologies have destroyed the family in the West.Going back to your roots and old traditional values that existed until the 1970s is the solution to counter the spread of the ISLAMIC CULT.

k windsock said...

reminds me of these women who fall in love with murderers on death row and laud the men for being such wonderful people even though they had done the most heinous crimes.weirdos.

mony said...

it is bizzare. how can somebody convert to a religion that follow the "perfect man" who rape a women hours after killing her family? a "prophet" that was sexual predator and so murderous?
islam is a vibrant religion. a masculine religion and some people needs it.
another issue is the need for being different and dedicate yourself to a religion that consume u totally. from my own knowledge and impression it is not a very intelligent and sophisticated
religion and it is beyond my grasp to really fathom the emotional and mental makeup that makes woman follow it

Anonymous said...

Race-mixing skanks

Anonymous said...

Islamofascist lovers will be punished one day!!! No collaborator to evil should be pardoned.

Anonymous said...

Seriously disgusting the way that people are so quick to comment without any knowledge....

Sonya McNeil said...

American soldiers &. British soldiers killed thousand of innocent people
No one said oh look at those Christians how criminal they are
U should know that prophet Mohammed forbidden killing , & what some Arab do now is just because they are evil nothing to do with Islam
Why do u judge on a religion according to some criminals action of some people
((( where ever we go we can find criminals))

az said...

yes, it is very sad things... European/american women should realise, that now they, like the author of the second story - still can work, study, can to reject her potential husband requests and go back from marriage. But the most probably is her daughters will not have such an opportunity. She herself if she had married to those man, who tried to control her - wouldn't have any defence against him if he decided to abuse her not only mentally, but physically/sexually. She would not be an owner of her own life more.
To be a muslim woman is not to have right to rule your own body, to go where you want, to talk to who you want. It is the life, when you don't pick your partner and can't leave him by your own decision. Since the marriage woman will have to bear babies as frequently as her husband decide, regardless of her wish and health abilities. This is the life fulll of unwanted sex, humiliation, total dependance on a husband and total absence of ways to live like a free, worthy human being.
Islam is absolutely anti-woman religion. And the faster western women realise it the more chances we have to avoid a total enslavement and killing of our personalities and human dignity.

ALHAQQ said...

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Mirza md Zadid said...

watch that if you judge with better logic " is terrorism a mulim monopoly "

Angelo said...

Found and what's now? Majority of us in western world don't live by the book. Religion is even separated from state and long time lost power. We don't have inquisition anymore and no more burnings of so called heretics Not like in moselem "
religion of peace".
So your so called evidence is not actual at all.

Angelo said...

By percentages and based on religion YES

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Anonymous said...

I am a revert and the happiest. I wish the same for you all.

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