Tuesday, 15 October 2013
"In our well-ordered country (Sweden), the police reported 6,203 cases of rape in 2012. That is 17 rapes a day. But scientists estimate that about 80 percent of rapes are not reported to the police. We thus have 50 rapes a day."
Source: GT


jalahdi hamadi said...

If one studies the history of warfare and how the victorius army behaves, you will find that the women of the defeated army are taken as sexual spoils of war.

The colonisers of Sweden are behaving accordingly. The defeated men stand back and allow it and so does the accommodating government.

Anonymous said...

Sweden wants to be a third world country so bad.

Anonymous said...

I spent way too much of my youth living in bad neighborhoods in America do to financial considerations, surprisingly not one black guy tried to rape me. I had some encounters with scary-strong, fairly forceful Mexicans, but at the end of the day they believed when I pretended to genuinely like them and would call tomorrow. No matter how pathetic and depraved people from other backgrounds can be, they generally want sex not absolute domination at any cost. My experience with someone from a Muslim background was an eye-opener: blackmail, stalking, death threats to my family, the works. I just have to wonder why these (presumably) women are not fighting back harder, if it is for the reasons I experienced, some inexplicable cultural guilt, or just denial of reality.

Anonymous said...

16:21 anon,

somalis are the worst black and muslim.... do the math. And interacial rapes in america are a one way street black on white... So you must be stupid or wilfully ignorant..

Maria José said...

Lampedusa migrant crisis: Sicily declares emergency

The governor of Sicily has declared a state of emergency because of the large numbers of migrants it is having to deal with.


Anonymous said...

16:42 anon

agreed and somalia is a dump because they brutally killed everyone who tried to fix it, their pirates should be executed or be thrown overboard. They have no fish because they overfished the place, not because of some nonsense about chemical pollution or such hobknobbery. somalia played itself and deserves to keep being a dump.

Anonymous said...

The key is to stay away from them. Form no attachments whatsoever with them. Only speak to them when unavoidable and then in a strictly business tone. They will play you if they can...

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the most common mistake you ladies make is that you assume these foreign men see you in the same way as we do. They don't.

Firstly, you and I share a common culture so we have that in common. Secondly, we are closely related genetically which makes our brain chemistry similar which influences our way of thinking toward the same direction. Thirdly, there is no doubt that I have a sister, mother, daughter, or relatives who are very similar to you so I can understand and have a high level of empathy toward you.

These Arabs and Africans share nothing with you and will typically see you as a mere sex object that they have no emotional, cultural, and certainly no genetic attachment to.

They do not see you as we do. Remember that...

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