Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Al Jazeera helpfully provides an interactive map charting the invasion of Europe by its viewers.



Anonymous said...

Go away, we don't want you or your problems, you people seem to fail to consider that your showing up here, in mass, will just bring the poverty and crime with you, you are the problem, so stay in your own lands.

Anonymous said...

We get 4,000 wonderful Third World "migrants" A DAY in the U.S. Be grateful for small favors.

Ozzie said...

The government of Mexico has likewise provided detailed maps and information for their citizens on how to infiltrate the U.S. (illegally) .

Thanks to the E.U. and its borderless provisions, the "hate speech" laws, and so on, I think you fellows are in worse shape than we are.

Kramer said...

We get Third World immigrants too that we will eventually have to care for financially but at least most of them are not bringing in with them a poisonous Islamic ideology.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that aliens infiltrating the US from the Mexican border are 'only' Mexicans or Third World 'immigrants' needs to read through some of the reports issued by US Border patrols: they have found significant numbers of these aliens are Moslem. The procedure is that the Moslems first obtain false identity papers in Europe, then head for South/Latin America and when they arrive in Mexico they are assisted across the US border with the aid of Mexican drug cartels (the drug trade in Europe is largely controlled by islamic and east european gangs).


If you can raise 7-8 thousand dollars,then you do not need to move anyway,start up a business and develop your own country,for the benefit of your own people,we did.

Anonymous said...

S.o needs to tell them that, with 50% of young Greeks,Spaniards, 25% of young French,Swedes ec being unemployed there is no way they could find a place for themselves. If they can raise 7000 Dollars-why not spend them on starting their own small business?


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