Monday, 28 October 2013

This figure of 270 million victims of jihad seems to have lodged itself in the minds of Counterjihad activists. Pamela Geller, I think, is responsible for popularising it. But it really can't withstand critical scrutiny, so I suggest we should all stop using it.

Watching videos of some of Michael Stürzenberger's public events in Munich, in which he is trying to collect enough signatures to trigger a referendum on whether an Islamic centre should be built, I see him invoke this 270 million figure all the time.

The figure is not reliable, however. Although I'm not exactly a fan of the Little Green Footballs site, in this case their criticism is to the point. The article here demolishes the credibility of the 270 million figure. Geller did not originate this figure. She has simply taken it up from elsewhere. But the data is not solid enough to justify it. Or any other figure that precise, for that matter. Much of the effect of jihad is lost in mists of time and only conjectures about it are now possible. The data sources are simply not there.

Quoting this figure, like the inflated Muslim demographic figures that are sometimes bandied about, just opens us up to criticism from the Establishment. With the effortless debunking that will inevitably follow, it will be easy for mainstream hacks to insinuate that because our figures are unreliable, our concern about Islam is unfounded.


Anonymous said...

You don't really know about LittleGreenFootballs, do you?
They exist now to HELP muslims invade

Bill Warner is the source of the 270 figure. You would do well to respect his estimates.

This is Bill Warner's site.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets not estimate muslim evil because of Little Green Footballs

Anonymous said...

"But the data is not solid enough to justify it. Or any other figure that precise, for that matter."

Then there is no data to refute it. Of course those that want to ignore muslim motivations are going to try anything to diminish the evil of islam, just as they did for the 100 million murdered by the various forms of devout atheist governments of the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick to Pamella for now. We need people like her to pull the wagons. Infact,since the counterjihad movement is so nationally and ideologicaly disperse a.d laking a functional united institution,we don't have another choice,except to support these few brave individuals like Geler and Spencer are( mentioning him, I wanna mark and congratulate the 10th aniversary of Jihad

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I'm not suggesting either that Pamela Geller be "chucked overboard" or that we stop talking about the scale of jihad atrocities. But the artificial precision of this figure can only bring us discredit. Even talking vaguely about "hundreds of millions of victims of jihad" would be better than this implausibly precise figure of 270 million.

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