Friday, 18 October 2013

The graph shows the change in the composition of the Swedish population in the under-44 age group between the years 2000 and 2009. The blue bar shows the increase in the number of people of foreign origin, defined as having at least one parent born abroad: 442,277. The yellow bar shows the decrease in the number of people of Swedish origin, defined as having two parents born in Sweden: 233,317.
Overall, people with Swedish background are still in the majority, even in that age group, but it is changing very, very fast. In 2000, people of foreign origin were 25.1 percent in that age group. Twelve years later in 2012 they constitute 32.4 per cent.
Source: Affes Stats blog Via: Avpixlat


Anonymous said...

When Sweden is no longer populated by Swedish people it will no longer be - Sweden; it will be another part of the Greater Caliphate - The Ummah. Every person has a right to belong to an indigenous people and live in their own indigenous homeleand - according to the UN anyway. But as long as we avoid being called facile names such as "Racist", by people merely using falsehoods to gain an advantage over us....

Anonymous said...

Bye bye, you socialist morons. Your country will not exist by the middle of the century.

Anonymous said...

Happening just as fast (if not faster) in the UK. Europe as we know it is finished. By the end of the century it will be a strife torn, third world hell.

Maria José said...

"Preferimos renunciar a la beca antes que a nuestros principios islámicos"

Las familias de once niños musulmanes han renunciado a la beca de comedor por motivos religiosos.

Estas dos familias -y otras que han renunciado a la beca- viven en una situación económica precaria. "Necesitábamos mucho la beca de comedor", aseguran. Los maridos de estas dos mujeres están en el paro desde hace varios años, ellas tampoco trabajan, y sobreviven con alguna ayuda de servicios sociales y de sus familiares.

Llevan casi una década en España, y no se plantean volver a su país de origen.

Anonymous said...

If people had of kept Christian values. i.e. get married have babies, 2.4 children rather then 1.3 birth rate like White Germans now, no-one in Europe would have such problems.

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