Thursday, 10 October 2013

This relates to Flemingsberg, an immigrant-colonised suburb of Stockholm.
Window smashed, people beaten and the Post refusing to distribute letters. Unrest in Flemingsberg continues.

Now the municipality wants to see a local police office in the area.

"No one wants to stay here any more. It's too insecure," says Anja, a resident of Terapivägen.

In early summer the Mitt local newspaper reported on how youth gangs in the area burned cars and harassed residents and postmen so they ended up not wanted to deliver the mail anymore.

Since then Anja thinks it had just got worse. "Young people have taken over the neighbourhood," she says.

"A few weeks ago, a young man threatened me and my son when we were out in the yard. One guy kicked me on my chest," says Anja, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of the young people.

She called police, which led to the youths leaving the site.

"My son got very scared. Now he doesn't dare to go out anymore."

About a week ago Anja heard a bang in the living room. Someone had thrown a large rock through the window. Glass splinters covered the place at the computer where she likes to sit.

"My God, it's gone too far. It's as if we live in a lawless country. I am very scared now and hardly dare sleep."

She thinks the police need to be more present in the area.

In a letter to the county police, Huddinge Municipality has now asked about the possibility of getting a police office directly in Flemingsberg.

"Local police agencies increase security. We already have one in the west and one in the East and now one is needed in Flemingsberg also," said Christian Ottosson (C), chairman of Huddinge Crime Prevention Advice.

...But according to the local police chief Christer Johansson, it is not possible to set up a police office in Flemingsberg.

"I understand that you want this, but the Södertörns Police has budget is in deficit by many millions, so we there is no scope for it."
Source: Mitti Via: Avpixlat


Maria José said...

Christian Democrat wants Muslims in party

The leading candidate to lead the youth wing of Norway's Christian Democrats is pushing for Muslims to join the party.

Anonymous said...

If the rock had been thrown through a moslem's window, they would have taken more action. Native Swedes will be bred out of existence after the country is overrun with koranimals. This is the last chance for Europeans to do what their ancestors did.........fight and defeat the invasion.........then rid the land of the traitors in your midst. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, if they try to fight back they'll be bombed into submission much like poor Serbia was.

Nope, we're going to become muslim majority whether we like it or not. Nothing will preserve us; our elected officials actually believe us "proles" are dangerous and deserve extinction.

Anonymous said...

The Vikings of old must be turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

They probably voted for this, and now they got it.

parisclaims said...

Agree with anon. Vote for socialists, get high taxes and muslims.

Anonymous said...

for anyone who doesn't speak left wing media: "youth" "Asians" "north Africans" "immigrants" "militants" "insurgents" "terrorists" "Moroccans" are all euphemisms for muslims.

Youtube Käyttäjä said...

Muslims doing that are lower class humang beings and monkeys, they have no respect for their helpers, I will not write what I would like to do for them but every one can guess.
Regards, realist from Finland

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