Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Recently I've been watching Downton Abbey and reading a George Eliot novel. Part of the popularity of Downton Abbey and the endless BBC adaptations of 19th century novels I think is explained by the nostalgic vision they offer of a country before it was conquered. This is pre-invasion Britain: Britain as it was before the African and Asian hordes descended on it and ruined it.

What struck me in both cases, however, was that society was structured around what we could now consider to be a curious definition of virtue: that females should abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage. Of course, very few people would now endorse the view that a woman was immoral, shameful or ruined because she had had sexual contact before getting married. But this ludicrous idea once dominated our society. Anyone stepping across this moral line would be anathematised and excluded.

It strikes me that there are parallels with the modern, elite-imposed concepts of virtue embodied in concepts like racism, antisemitism and islamophobia. These concepts are inherently just as ridiculous as the Victorian notion of sexual propriety, and I've no doubt that future generations will see them as such. In the meantime, however, they continue to dominate our society.

If we think of the strait-laced moral codes of the past and how absurd they were, we tend to end up wondering: why didn't people just laugh at them and defy them? But we could equally well say the same thing about the modern versions of anathema. Why don't people just laugh at the accusations of wickedness embodied in terms like racism, antisemitism and islamophobia, and defy them?

It's pitiful, as I look around the field of Islam critics, to see almost everyone hurrying to pin the labels "not racist", "not antisemitic" on themselves as if these were magical runes that could ward off demons. These are conquered people. The alien takeover of their lands is just the physical analogue of the conquest that has already taken place in their minds. Anyone who takes these anathema concepts seriously is part of the problem.

In each case, the answer to the question of why the codes were not simply defied is the same: fear. But the fear is not groundless. There is no question that lives could be ruined by defying the elite-mandated concepts of virtue in each age, however absurd they were and are. And because most people are either incapable of challenging the ideological preconceptions of the age they live in or disinclined to do it, we go stumbling blindly on until some rupturing event or change of circumstances occurs, making the old moral codes no longer tenable.

Furthermore, there seems to be a mechanism in human nature that causes people to internalise moral codes that are used as the basis for punishment. People find it difficult to think of themselves as being cowards or hypocrites. This mechanism relieves them of that burden. They can avoid sanction by obeying the master's dictates while telling themselves they're doing it because they really want to.

We can only hope that as Europeans stare into the very real abyss of alien conquest their mysterious guilt obsessions will fade away, allowing them to begin the process of defending and recapturing their lands.


Anonymous said...

last time i checked anti-semitism is pretty popular in Europe, especially from the govts that promote immigration from muslim countries, are you hoping that it flourishes more in order for europeans to get rid of their "mysterious guilt"?

Anonymous said...

...I look around the field of Islam critics, to see almost everyone hurrying to pin the labels "not racist", "not antisemitic"...

you therefore want "Islam critics" to declare explicitly that they are racists and antisemites.

but, - many are genuinely not.
why do "Islam critics" need to alienate significant part of Counterjihad?

you are beating the eagles.
you will be left with garbage.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

To say "many are genuinely not" racist and antisemitic is like saying "many Victorian girls were genuinely virtuous". It presupposes the validity of the concepts of racism, antisemitism and virtue. But those concepts, at root, are absurd. It is because people continue to take them seriously that we have a problem.

Anonymous said...

intuitive definition of "racist", etc. - is "the one who is negatively predisposed to someone, while judging only by ethnicity".

"virtuous" is synonym of "capable of achieving good".

it is hard to define "islamophobe" by analogy with "racist".
first, a person can't choose his race but can choose or abandon religion.
second, there exists strong evidence of Islam being not only intolerant and "non virtuous" but doctrinally lethal to everything it considers non-Islamic.
"Baron Bodissey" argued recently, that there is no satisfactory definition of "islamophobe".

just lining up these terms in the same sentence won't give them the same rank.
they are categorically distant and that is evident.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

There is no precise definition of any of the concepts of racism, antisemitism or islamophobia and that very imprecision is part of what makes them so useful as weapons of intimidation. They all, in essence, insinuate that a person has impure motivations and that everything he says can therefore be disregarded a priori.

We are all programmed by nature to be more positively disposed to those who share our genes. This is the core mechanism of evolution and what leads to altruistic behaviour. If racists are those who care more about people who are genetically like them, then everyone in the world is a racist.

Anonymous said...

yes - everyone in the world is racist.
as well as defecating.
it is all unpleasant.
the world doesn't end here.

as to "intimidation" - you overlook the core reason, the propensity of leftis to demagoguery. with Marxist "dialectic method", anything might become a reason for decalring you the "enemy of people", be it racism or whatever.

the core mechanism of evolution is preference of the BEST genes - among OUR genes first, but "our" genes are very often depleted/degenerate, or not accessible.
on mechanisms of altruism and group selection, there are still arguments.
to have good understanding, reading "Erectus Walks Amongst Us" might be not enough.
despite interesting book.

Anonymous said...

everyones racist. it's always been that way. it's normal, it's just in this case the people of the west have been shamed into not defending what's rightfully theirs by scheming socialists who secretly hate their country. all these aliens generally did nothing in the last 500+ years and now expect to come here and take what other people worked hard to create.

Anonymous said...

"If we think of the strait-laced moral codes of the past and how absurd they were, we tend to end up wondering: why didn't people just laugh at them and defy them? But we could equally well say the same thing about the modern versions of anathema."

Wait, WHAT? Oh yeah, embrace slut culture. You obviously don't have daughters. That moral code had been around for thousands of years. Did you think it was just arbitrary? How can you fight modernism in its goal to eliminate the majority of Europeans yet embrace the destruction of Traditional morals. I've loved this sute up until now. I'm very confused.

Anonymous said...

me the same 15:35
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

At least the Victorian virginity cult made sense in its time. Limited access to abortion and contraception made sex risky. Limited access to education and employment made life impossible for single moms. Under those conditions, it was truly wiser to fear and avoid extra-marital sex.
Compare to today's multi-culturalism cult. Is it truly wiser to accept an invasion of foreigners who despise your own laws and culture? How about if the foreigner's laws, culture and religion have produced nothing but backwardness, poverty and oppression for the past thousand years or so? Must successful civilizations bow and scrape to the unsuccessful? Must they facilitate their own invasion and colonization by the less successful? Not much wisdom there.

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