Monday, 14 October 2013

I've seen some reports in the mainstream media claiming the Syrian "sex jihad" stories are a myth. Some of the stories I've seen in the Tunisian press strongly suggest otherwise.
"You will go to paradise, my sister" was the promise they made to her before convincing her to leave for jihad in Syria. She was 21. Veiled from the age of 17. She attended history classes at the Faculty of Manouba before abandoning her studies and leave for Syria in the company of her husband "orfi".

It was in June 2012 that she left Tunisian territory for Turkey where she spent a week before going to Syria. Once she had arrived at Mont al-Arbaine, her husband forced her to wear the niqab and explained to her what jihad al nikah was.

Immediately divorced, the young woman married one of the leaders of Jabhat al Norsra, Abou Ayoub. Whom she divorced to marry another jihadist… And then another and another… In total, she had 152 "husbands".

Every week, every jihadette had the right to 5 new "husbands". The happy union of the jihadette du nikah and the jihadist lasted only a few hours, until the desires of the jihadist were satisfied…
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k windsock said...

Holy jizzhad ! she'll need to wring herself out before she becomes a houris in paradise.

Anonymous said...

holy can I become a f--------r I mean jihadist and get all that free holy sex...Allah is Great..

Anonymous said...

lol jihadette, that's funny

Anonymous said...

I sense the jihad thing starting to destabilize, once you've got "jihadettes" in there they'll just find a way to ruin it like they do to everything else. Which is a good thing in this case.

leonore said...

Kindly remember that women are sexually exploited in the West. Islma on the other hand always protects and respects women

Anonymous said...

@Leonore - Thank you for the laugh; I love satire and Islam is such fertile material.

Anonymous said...

152 men and none able to take her to paradise... muslims are truly useless, i don't know why any muslima would even bother.

Another Heretic said...

As evidenced by this poorly-veiled prostitution of a burqa wearing slut, I wonder how many of these 152 men take the opportunity to scratch their itching balls when they're waving their arses in the air. Holy syphilis, ordained by Allah, most wise and just. Kindly remember that the West doesn't follow legislature which enshrines the abuse of women. Islam does, now go and stand in front of a drone and give it a clear shot at your tea towel.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I knew of most of the stupid pig kissing rituals that muslims are so overzealously attached to...this sounds to me like this woman is committed to ensuring that the muslim population will in fact exceed that of "CIVILIZED and NORMAL " human beings. I'LL bet 10lbs. of bacon that there's nothing more wild than a muslim "swinger party"...guaranteed there's no condom dish passed around mainly because of the fact that there isn't a rubber made specifically for camels...and how do they get all those camels into one tent? No wonder those crazy jihadis are always in their pajamas, they're ready for bed any time of the day. I wonder how many camels out their look like achmadimijad or ka daffy duck? I know there's one that looks somewhat like "calypso" louis ferrakhan and al sharpton...they must of took turns at the same jihad party in the same tent. Has anybody contacted Larry Flynt yet? This could give him a major portion of the muslim porn industry...maybe he could introduce a smut mag. exclusively for muslims only now with a little more perverted variety rather than be limited to the same old format consisting of corpses in burqas and hijabs, (straight out of the soccer arena) and little boys and girls barely over the age of 5years. Peace be with you, alluha akbar and ikbak el yajud (kill the jews). And to think that this perverted scum will get 72virgins upon martyrdom. That's how hard it is to find a virtuous woman these days, so hard that one has to literally kill one's self just to get a decent woman or women.

Aiman said...

SheikYerMami, I wonder how you can lie day in and day out...........without feeling any remorse....If you want to bullshit at least try to be a little smarter......things you are writing are an insult to many people. Really useless writing!

Anonymous said...

you made my day!

Anonymous said...

Islam is a very evil and a very deadly cult!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey leonore you're a straight up lying idiot.

Anonymous said...

So what a goat will be fucked by a goatfucker no?

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