Saturday, 5 October 2013

A 17-year-old girl in Denmark is on her way home from a night out, having had a bit too much to drink. A man sits down next to her and starts to reach into her bag. Eventually, after a few minutes, he succeeds in stealing her laptop. When he makes off with it, another man "of foreign appearance" sits down next to her and starts fondling her while masturbating. When she wakes and tries to fend him off, he is persistent, and keeps repeating the words "Please sex".

Note how the police blur out the perpetrators's faces at the same time as they ask the public for help in identifying the men. How stupid is that? Of course, if they weren't blurred out, we'd see that the perps were Afro-Asiatic exotics. And that might cause people to think racist thoughts. Can't have that. Better to let criminals go free.

Source: PI


Reality Check said...

....Of course, if they weren't blurred out, we'd see that the perps were Afro-Asiatic exotics.

It's the BIG LIE. We aren't supposed to talk about it, criticize it, in fact we are told under threat of punishment, to DENY IT. Ayyyy, the big lie. Except for us islamorealists, the sheeple are evidently believing it. But the big lie is there and like a tumor, it grows and becomes more uncomfortable every day.

Maria José said...

Three wounded in France mosque shooting

Anonymous said...

Europeans help and watch out for everyone else while everyone else helps and watches out for only themselves. Instead we self hate and ridicule ourselves. We are our own worst enemy the rest is just a symptom of our White guilt disease. I will not apologize for our glorious European history. To all of you who feel as though you have been done wrong by our people, just be happy your still alive. If we wanted to we could have wiped every non European off the planet a dozen times by now. But we didn't did we? If this nonsense doesn't cease the 3rd world and it's whores will give us no choice but to destroy what seeks to conquer and destroy us. Either way, we will succeed in the end. Never negotiate, never apologize.

Anonymous said...

Its getting to the point where it isn't safe to use public transport except during peak times when there are plenty of people about. Its only going to get worse for white people in the next ten or twenty years - probably much worse.

Anonymous said...

Whites deserve whatever they get for all the evil they have done.

Anonymous said...


Whites are not evil, you wouldn't even be opening your filthy trap if it wasn't for them inventing the internet, the white man made the world great, you've done nothing since the 7th century, your place is a dump because you ruined it, filthy vomit pile!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6 Oct. 04.07
It is about time for the whites to get evil!!!. My mother had always said: with some people the only way to negotiate, is with a heavy stick in the hand or through a barrel of a gun. The most evil white people are the ones who try to be good fella’s: play multiculturalists and politically-correct on cost of the indigenous inhabitant inlanders who are living in their country for hundreds of years. In order to ruin the nation state, they are ready to destroy their fellow men and women life. The adage of our time is: be a racist in order to survive, be a xenophobe and stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Girls who are used to enrichment tend to carry pepper spray and tasers not lap tops. I would get all " Bernie Goetz " on their ass. It is sad to see someone get a wake up call though.

Anonymous said...

What ? like freeing Arabian muslims from the Ottoman empire.
yeah were terrible people.
You really need to revise your skewed history.

or perhaps the billions spent helping starving muslims worldwide in aid and charity.

Anonymous said...

sad how to so-called goverment tries to protect the scum and do there job at the same time

Textile Student said...

There are too many different and different law and culture are spread the the world. don't know what should i say!!!

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