Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I posted my thoughts about the origins of the term Islamophobia here. Le Monde has an interview about Islamophobia today. It's mostly the usual guff. The only part I thought was interesting was this comment on the origins of Islamophobia and, later, the Muslim claiming most Muslims have never even heard the words Sharia or Jihad.
According to Caroline Fourest, the term Islamophobia was invented in 1979 par by the Iranian mullahs who wanted to suggest that women who refused to wear the veil were "bad Muslims" by accusing them of being "Islamophobes". What exactly are the origins of this word?

Stéphanie Le Bars: According to researchers, this word was used for the first time in French at the start of the 20th century by ethnologists present in Africa, worried about the rejection of the Muslim religion by part of the administration of the former colonies. In the course of the 1990s, the term became the object of debate in the Anglo-Saxon countries.

In France, actually, starting from the early 2000s, some intellectuals offered an erroneous account of its origins which was accepted without debate, however. Their definition would suggest that the notion of Islamophobia was an internal instrument for invalidating any criticism of Islamic fundamentalism.

...Mohamed : The essentialisation of the Muslim population of France into a homogeneous group, is it not mainly caused by the lack of knowledge of the media? The fact of the constant use of shock words ("jihad", "sharia", "Salafist"), which in reality are almost unknown by Muslims themselves, doesn't that play a part in the stigmatisation of French people of the Muslim faith?

Stéphanie Le Bars: No doubt. The knowledge of Islam through the international and geopolitical news contributes to tarnishing the image of the Muslim religion. This news cannot be passed over in silence, but it is clear that it does not take account of the complexity of the Muslim phenomenon across the world, and especially in France
Source: Le Monde


Walter Sieruk said...

Those who clearly see the many dangers and threats of Islam along with its militant jihadism don't really have a case of "Islamophobia." Since they are very much aware of the evil of Islam they have acase of Islamorealism.

Anonymous said...

True Walter. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Warning against a evil cult that says it's going to dominate and kill you is not irrational

Pandering to it is.

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