Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I posted about this story before so it's only fair that I give equal prominence to the woman's admission that she made the whole thing up. Bizarre.
IJmuiden woman admits making up 'six men attacked me' story

Monday 14 October 2013

A 20-year-old woman from IJmuiden, who claimed to have been beaten up by six men of 'North African origin' after getting into an argument on a bus, has admitted making up the story.

The woman gathered considerable newspaper headlines after going public with her experience, leading the anti-immigration PVV to ask questions in parliament.

But after a police investigation, which involved eyewitness testimony and security camera footage, the woman admitted making up the attack.

She may now have to foot the bill for the investigation and face charges for making a false statement, according to media reports.
Source: Dutchnews.nl


Anonymous said...

That's very good of you, but do you think for one second that the equivalent islamic site would have done the same thing were the roles reversed? Not a chance. ..

parisclaims said...

Stupid cow.

Anonymous said...

She is a dutch woman, so she has been molested by marocans or even raped when living in the big city. Maybe just not this instance, trust me. I am dutch and have 5 sisters. Immigrants are the filth of the earth.

Anonymous said...


Just *look* at the perpetrator... You'll allahu akbar all over your screen

Textile Student Blog said...

Some thine some story shock me a lot how the people survive on the real story. its so much painful but we have to take it easy and try to step ahead.

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