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Necla Kelek is a Turkish woman who was raised in Germany. She is a prominent public critic of Islamic and public culture. This article was written in 2009, but is no less relevant today.
Muslims misuse the concept of racism
By Necla Kelek

The Muslim associations not only make the concept of racism devoid of its nature, but they also make money out of this word which is being used to frighten. It is used to hamper criticism and to conceal one’s own resentments.

One is born as a Muslim, and if not, then Islam offers the possibility to erase this stain by converting. Every child of a Muslim father is born Muslim according to Islamic customs, for being a Muslim is seen by believers as the natural way of being for a person. One cannot step out of this religion, for if done, death and descent to hell awaits.

The individual is Muslim by birth, as others have big ears or blond hair. One cannot decide over this way of being, for it is bestowed by God. Therefore criticizing a Muslim because of this particularity or these stigmas is discriminating, for being a Muslim is THE human privilege, and a Muslim is not responsible for being what (s)he is.

This seems to be the simple set of arguments of the Muslim Coordination Council, which is the umbrella organization of the Muslim groups in Germany, and of the Intercultural Council, which is a conglomerate of trade unionists and other “antiracists”. From today they are calling for an “International Week against Racism”. They declare that “Enmity towards Islam is nowadays the most extended form of racism in Germany”.

At this point, one could take this simplicity in a funny way (which in turn would yet again entail the accusation of racism), if the issue wasn’t so politically insane. Insane, for the highest Islamic organization in Germany stylizes the Muslims into victims of racism without trying even remotely to think about how dangerous this way of making concepts devoid of their nature is. They say: “For us, enmity towards Islam is when Muslims are judged in a degrading way and discrimination against them is supported”.

For example, the ban on the headscarf for schoolgirls is seen as discrimination, and therefore racism. Attempts to hinder any discussion on the nature, everyday practices, morals and excesses of Islam by discriminating against any critic or rejection as “racism” show how far Islamic groups and the so-called antiracists go in their ideological argumentations. The scare word “racism” turns into a tool for hampering any criticism.

The Turkish newspapers and the national TV (which is internally dominated by the AKP) report extensively and on a daily basis about the alleged discriminations suffered by Muslims, mainly in Europe. The tone against Germany and Europe is increasingly accusatory. It seems like there is a targeted interest in excluding the Muslims from society. People are daily presented that “Just look, they don’t like you.”

Islamic bureaucrats, who are present in all possible state committees and conferences and take part in shaping the integration politics, complain verbosely about being excluded in Europe

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet writes daily about the horrible conditions in which Turks and Muslims live in Germany, but at the same time it gives hints on how to go to Germany without having to complete a German course. That is, to become pregnant. There is a proverb in Turkey which says: “If a cat does not eat its meal, then that food is spoiled”. It’s in this way that one can evade dialogue, that is, by interpreting criticism as insult and suggestively presenting a bogeyman to the population in case one’s own concepts fail.

And because such campaigns are brought from Turkey to Germany through the government-loyal Turkish association “Ditib”, it makes sense that the Muslim Coordination Council, on which the Ditib has great influence, is involved in such “racism” campaigns.

It is insane also because the Muslim Coordination Council and the Intercultural Council try to put their hands on (public) money on grounds of “racist” discrimination. “Racism” is a key word together with “Nazism” and “Anti-Semitism” in order to acquire public money, for example. Whoever succeeds in melting together Racism, Anti-Semitism and criticism of/enmity towards Islam, is already close to being able to finance the opening of Koran schools and organize mosque tours from the funds against right-wing radicalism.

There are some projects which were founded in order to give information to prevent racism, and which are in this way given a different purpose. Organizers who give training on antifascist issues extend their field of business to the issue of “Islamophobia”. In this context (more than in others), Muslims keenly emphasize their proximity to Jews. It is suggested that “Abrahamic teams composed by Jews, Muslims and Christians” should be created and sent to universities and schools in order to announce that “Islam means peace and devotion to God out of one’s own free will.”

There one tries to “close ranks with the victims against racism and discrimination” with such slogans as “mutual understanding between peoples” and “tolerance”, whereas there is no causal correlation, for the initial situation is entirely different. A pseudosolidarity is proclaimed under the following words: “we all believe in The One God and we are discriminated against by Germans”.

We must talk about racism in Germany and act against discrimination, of course. But the Islamic associations should mind their own business and critically scrutinize how a number of seemingly tolerant and peace-loving Muslims think about Germans. Those who realise how a group of Muslims youngsters or adults talk among themselves about German girls, Germans in general or Jews are simply deprived of the right to talk due to the rejection and the contempt they are likely to face.

A campaign against racism and nationalism from the ranks of Islamic organizations, a reinterpretation of the relations with Christians, Jews and “non-believers”, the clarification of relationships with Germans and minorities in their countries of origin, all this would be an issue not only for weeks, but for generations.
Source: Taz


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