Friday, 11 October 2013

They feign love. But the only thing they're interested in is a German passport. Marriage fraudsters are deliberately targeting disabled German women. These scams are unbelievably perfidious. Yassine B. (29) from Agadir is also a suspect. He is the Moroccan who fled to Paris who, last week, strangled and robbed the disabled Sandra A. (34) in her bed.

Disadvantaged in life and also in love. Women with physical or mental incapacities are the ideal targets for these unscrupulous gigolos. The men seek their victims on the internet or they hang around facilities for the disabled. "There are swarms of them at it now," says one investigator. In the scene, addresses of good meet-up points are even exchanged. "If one of them has got to know a disabled woman, he pairs up her friends with his mates." The justice system is powerless against the fake marriages. "They live together for a while. Children are born. Then nothing can be proved."

Sandra A. succumbed to the feigned courtship of Yassine. In the end the idea was lovely: of a cared-for life with the attractive man who was seven years younger. Her extreme obesity and lack of mobility didn't seem to bother him. How exactly the two met is still not known. However, Sandra's many Arab acquaintances on the internet and in real life are noticeable. "She recently received many visits," according to her neighbours.

Last weekend, Yassine B. throttled Sandra with a cord. As he then vanished in the direction of Paris, he packed up her laptop and mobile phone. He will shortly be brought to Berlin for the robbery-murder of his disabled girlfriend.
Source: Berlin Kurier Via: PI


ne pas subir said...

There is a whole industry of defrauding vulnerable whites in Africa, and it's hardly limited to fake marriages and immigration fraud.
In black Africa for example there is the "brouteur" phenomena. "Brouteurs" (meaning "grazer" in French, in reference to the sheeps who feed themselves just by grazing the grass) are young black Africans (mostly from Ivory Coast) who post fake profiles of attractive girls or men on meeting sites. They fake relationships with their French victims on the net for weeks or months then ask for money (generally under the pretext of coming to France to meet their "lover"). Also they blackmail people by asking for nude videos on webcams then threaten to expose them all over the net. Last year a young French committed suicide because of that.

See there :

Anonymous said...

All that just to take her phone and computer, really? like come on. Dirty filth sucka vermin.

Anonymous said...

the religion of peace at work again

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