Thursday, 24 October 2013
They wanted to set up the caliphate – a theocracy in Bavaria. But now the association “Culture and Education Center of Ingolstadt” has been banned by the Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. The ban accompanied a search carried out in the centre and the premises of the Merkez mosque along with the confiscation of the association’s properties. The officers were not squeamish: they took away even a fridge with meat inside, for the meat is also considered to be a property. In this way the goal of the association has been thwarted for now.

The Minister highlighted in front of the press the work of the state office for the protection of the constitution. “The ban would have not been possible without its previous work”, the politician from the CSU - Christian Social Union explained. He justified the ban on the association as follows: “The association had as goal a caliphate, in which tolerance is shown only towards Muslims.

In the caliphate it is a “descendant” of the so-called Prophet Mohamed who holds the power. He represents the Islamic law which degrades unbelievers to second class people with an obligation to pay tribute and has as a “state objective” perpetual war in order to spread the faith.

But also close relations with aggressive Salafists from the association were a reason for the security officials to intervene. That’s why today at about 6 a.m. 79 operational force agents went in. The association is considered by the Interior Ministry to be a continuation of the “Caliphate State” (an Islamic organization in Germany which was banned in December 2001), which was banned in 2001 by the Federal Interior Minister of that time, Otto Schily.

The leader of this “Caliphate State” was the so-called Caliph of Cologne, Metin Kaplan, who it was finally possible to deport to Turkey after long legal negotiations.
Some of the legal questions centered around the 150,000 euros in benefits money which had to be paid back by Kaplan, and which he had previously obtained by fraud. This would have not represented any problem for the “Caliph”. Some 2 Million Euros were found during a search in his home.

This Merkez Mosque which has today been the object of a search opened in 2008, the construction plans having been fiercely criticised before. The criticisms of the construction of the mosque were countered with accusations of racism. Through these accusations, an association which wanted to grant certain rights only to Muslims and called for the holy war against the non-Muslim “infidels” was able to operate undisturbed in Ingolstadt.

The nightmare is over, at least for now. Those who back then criticised the construction of the mosque are seen still today by many as racists.
Source: Blu-news


Reality Check said...

Well shouldn't we ban every Muslim organization since they ALL want the glorious caliphate? Yes we should.


Ingolstadt?is that not where brother weisshaupt began his shenannigins?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yes, headquarters of the Illuminati.

lakshmi dixit said...

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