Monday, 7 October 2013

I've pointed out before that the establishment media hero Mohammed Farah and his entire family are asylum fraudsters. That is only confirmed by the extract from his memoirs which the Telegraph today embarrasses itself by serialising.
After our grandfather passed away, grandma [Ayeeyo in Somali] decided that she wanted to move to Almelo, in Holland, to live with aunt Nimco and build a new life for herself. I was upset. I loved my mum, but grandma had been the one who’d looked after Hassan and me for most of the time we’d been in Djibouti. I was closer to her than anybody except Hassan.

After she left I told myself, ‘I have to find a way of getting to Holland to live with Ayeeyo.’ I just couldn’t imagine a life without grandma. My mind was made up. I would build a new life there. And Hassan would come with me.

My wish seemed to come true when mum took me aside one evening and explained that we would soon be leaving Djibouti. We were moving to Europe to begin a new life.
I wasn’t upset to leave Djibouti. As I understood it, we’d all be going to live with grandma. Mum added that first we had to go and visit my dad in London. I thought she meant we’d be staying with our dad for just a few days.

I didn’t really give any thought to the implications of moving to Europe – having to learn a new language, making new friends. I was too young. I simply wanted to be close to grandma.
Source: Telegraph

It is obvious that the Farah family's decision to go and live in Britain was purely elective. They were not under pressure. They were not under threat. They just wanted a better life. They are a family of con artists and, as such, should be expelled.

The Telegraph is massively censoring comments on this one.


Maria José said...

Far right stuns France in by-election vote

France's political establishment was left reeling on Monday after two far-right candidates almost claimed 50 percent of votes in a by-election. A Socialist government spokesman called it a "warning shot" ahead of upcoming municipal elections.

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