Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The punishment of a small group of predominantly young Moroccan offenders has little effect. So says the mayor of Haarlem, Bernt Schneiders, in response to two incidents of shocking violence events in his city. Last Friday, a 20-year-old woman was beaten on the street by six Moroccan men. The next Sunday, two elderly ladies of 88 and 90 years were attacked in Schalkwijk by two Moroccan perpetrators. No arrests have been made in either case.

‘Our police officers do their utmost to make Haarlem safe and keep it so’, writes PvdA Schneider in an open letter to all inhabitants of Haarlem; who are concerned about the violence. ‘If they pick up criminals and petty criminals, they (the criminals etc.) are transferred to the prosecutor. After the prosecutor requests punishment, comes the judgement of the court. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of sanctions is not very high; youths and young adults especially are learning very little or nothing of punishment. After a while they are stuck in their same old behavior and repeat it".

As far as the mayor is concerned, there is only one solution for them. “A small minority is incorrigible and for them the only correct solution is prolonged confinement to protect society."
Source: Telegraaf


parisclaims said...

Deportation is better.

Anonymous said...

Deport all Moroccans from Holland. Who let them in to begin with and why!?
They have absolutely nothing to offer the country but islamic thuggery and persistent clamoring for special treatment. Expel the whole rotten demographic, and prevent Holland from potentially becoming a sharia-compliant Hellhole!

Anonymous said...

Throw them out and the people who let them in, not to morroco but somewhere where they'll have an awful hard time trying to come across the border illegally again.

Maria José said...

Interior considera que apoyar a Amanecer Dorado entra dentro de la libertad de expresión

La Subdelegación del Gobierno en Málaga autorizó una concentración para homenajear al partido de ultraderecha griego

“No vamos a ir contra la libertad de expresión y de reunión contenida en la Constitución”. La Subdelegación del Gobierno de Málaga se acoge a los derechos recogidos en la Carta Magna para autorizar la concentración que se celebró el pasado 5 de octubre para homenajear al partido griego Amanecer Dorado frente al consulado griego, situado en el centro de Málaga.


Maria José said...

French actor Alain Delon said he supports France’s far-right party the National Front

In September, the National Front gained the official support of French comedian Jean Roucas

According to a poll conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) for weekly French news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, published on Wednesday, the National Front tops the list of parties that the French intend to vote for in next year’s European Parliament Elections.


Anonymous said...

The left will tell you that the solution to this is MORE MUSLIM IMMIGRATION!

Anonymous said...

The solution is gun freedom. If europeans all had guns and could get revenge for their relatives suffering, none of this nightmare would be progressing so forcefully. Massacres by neo nazis everyday would scare the muslims out.

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