Thursday, 24 October 2013

This is important. Ius Soli, Law of the Soil, the idea that anyone born in a certain territory should automatically acquire membership of the local tribe, is one of the intellectual foundations of the European Genocide. It was in the USA and France that this ideal established itself following their twin 18th century revolutions. Even in countries that do not implement Ius Soli (and only a minority do) it somehow underlies any serious discussion of immigration as a bedrock moral ideal from which only minor departures are considered acceptable.

It's good that the mainstream French right-wing party, the UMP, is now beginning to question it, even if they are only raising the prospect of minor exception to the principle, one that involves denying automatic citizenship to a child born in France to two illegal immigrants.

In the long run, if the European Genocide is going to be stopped, Ius Soli and the Dogma of Citizenship - which says that European peoplehood can be reduced to a government-allocated administrative status - must be radically challenged. We must be prepared to publicly oppose these ideas. We must insist that Moroccans resident in France, Pakis resident in Britain, Turks resident in Germany, are not French, British or German, respectively. Regardless of where they were born, or what administrative status they hold, they remain Moroccans, Pakis and Turks.


Dr Bazooka said...

"It was in the USA and France that this ideal established itself following their twin 18th century revolutions."

Alas, in France, this tradition is not linked to the revolution.

The jus soli exists since 1515, so that the "subjects of the King" pay taxes.

According to the first republican constitution (1791) : "are French the sons of strangers born in France and who live in the realm."
("sont Français les fils d'étrangers nés en France et qui vivent dans le royaume.")

But from 1804 to 1889, the principle that prevailed was the jus sanguinis.
(However, a man "born of a stranger" could still become French, under request, during the year following his majority.)

In fact, the Republic was first more restrictive than the Ancient Regime.

It's only in 1851 and most of all in 1889 (after Sedan's disaster), that the jus soli has become dominant again. And it wasn't for some ideological or humanist principles, but to prepare for war against Germany. Till WWI's end, the third Republic was very nationalistic.

France was the first country to do its demographic transition.
Concretely, for a century and a half, it replaces the French that don't born by strangers... Italians and Belgians, first.
And you know what followed.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Interesting. Contemporary politicians certainly refer to it as something brought about by the French revolution and therefore an unimpeachable "republican" principle.

Anonymous said...

What if the country condition the aquirant of ius soli benefeciares,of two parents emigrants,with denying Islam and taking another form of believe?

Anonymous said...

Yes, very true. Ethnic identity is something genetic, not a passport!

Anonymous said...

In America, the treason of the Left goes like this: First they claim that America's greatness is rooted in our heritage of immigration. We Americans are not a people in the genetic sense, they say, we are better than that - we are a people united in our American ideals! - Then they proceed to "fundamentally transform" what is meant by American ideals, claiming that our American "ideals" include both radical Communism and Islam! all the while denigrating the true American ideals embodied in our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
What nonsense! Anyone who opposes our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equality before the law, (i.e. most Communists and Muslims) should never be made a citizen of the USA. It's madness that we sit and watch as they take the oath of citizenship one day, and are out marching the next day carrying signs saying "Democracy hypocrisy - Sharia for all." Lying while taking the oath is fraud, and fraudulently obtained citizenships should be revoked!

Dr Bazooka said...

@ Cheradenine Zakalwe,

It's interested narrative, permanent ideological rewriting, and historical falsifications -a part of the "roman national" meant to silence us.

Just for the anecdote.
A couple of years ago, Sarközy's governement wanted to vote a law in order to deprive of the French nationality the naturalized cop killers.
Left-wing outcry. "Xenophobic !" "Racist !" "Fascist !" "The return of Vichy !" "A breach of the Republic's principles, of the republican pact !" "There should exist no second class French ! We are all equal."
In fact, the deprivation's principle once existed. It had been repealed... in 1997(*).
Even more grotesque. Of course the context was different, but the nationality's deprivation had been adopted... at the Libération.
Retrospectively, it was like branding as nazis... those who fought the nazis.
...All the genius of our champagne socialists and junk antifascists.

(*) And in fact, it still exists in case of terrorism (but never applied).
(Article 25, Code civil.)

Dr Bazooka said...

@ Anonymous (19:37),

"First they claim that America's greatness is rooted in our heritage of immigration. We Americans are not a people in the genetic sense."

Things are exactly the same in France...
And of course, we are invited to take example on the American melting pot.
At Obama's election, the delirium was at its height.

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