Tuesday, 8 October 2013
With the support of the general council of Essonne, represented by its president Jérôme Guedj, the Association Judéo-Musulmane de France [Judeo-Muslim Asssociation of France] held its annual gala dinner on 6 October 2013. The representatives of the Jewish and Muslim communities, including Roger Cukierman, one of the founders of the organisation in 2004, Joël Mergui, president of the Consistory [Jewish Council], Djelloul Seddiki, director of the Institut Al-Ghazali of the Grand Mosque of Paris and Michel Guggenheim, grand rabbi of Paris, paid unanimous homage to Rabbi Michel Serfaty, who had directed the AJMF since its creation.

A large delegation of imams was presented, directed by the imam Miktar, president of the imams of France. The CRIF [Representative Commission of Jewish Institutions of France] was represented by its president Roger Cukierman, accompanied by the president delegate of the commission for relations with Muslims, Jean Corcos, Claude Hampel, president of the commission of memory, Veronique Harari, director of the Friends of the CRIF and Ève Gani. The presence of representatives from the embassies of Israel, the United States, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as those of the town councils of Évry, Francis Chouat and Ris Orangis, Stéphane Raffalli as well as the Prefect of Essonne, Bernard Schmeltz, underlined the importance attached to this subject, which is crucial for the future of France: communities getting to know one another mutually beyond fears and prejudices.
Source: Crif.org Via: Fdesouche.com



Truly,liberal self-deception is akin to serious mental health issues,why do they continue to pretend that ANY accommodation with islam is possible?any rational person would say it is not,so this little cameo is designed to deceive ,and create a false perception.

Reality Check said...

Welcome to the viper's nest. They get rich, the masses get slaughtered. Who needs jihadis when the infidels' leaders will do it for them.

Anonymous said...

Englishman right here your own eyes tell you these muslims and jews are in bed together.
Do not deny what your eyes tell you - is there a disconnect between your eyes and your brain? If the evidence before us doesnt conform to our point of view usually we blank out the facts that cause us discomfort rather than change our mind about something. Seven days after jailing the Golden Dawn leadership the Greek Prime Minister was attending lunch with high power jews in New York - the same jews who had publicly called on the Greek Government to smash Golden Dawn, what does this say to you?

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