Sunday, 27 October 2013
A radical Dutch Muslim is holding training camps for co-religionists in our country. A week fraternising in the Ardennes, with the focus on Islam, sports and games; that’s how it sounds on a Facebook page. According to the police and the prosecutor's office, there is something more going on: the young people are being trained to fight in Syria, writes ‘Het Nieuwsblad’.

There is little probability that the radical Abou Moussa is planning a cozy bivouac in the Ardennes forest, say the investigators. The Dutch radical has ties with Fouad Belkacem - the leader of ‘Sharia4Belgium’ - and acts as a mouthpiece for the jihadists of our northern neighbours. He has also stated that he personally knows 80 percent of the Jihad warriors from our region who headed for Syria.

From the message that Moussa had posted on a secured Facebook page it emerges that the camp will be organised from 25th October to 1st November. It will cost the participants 130 euros. There are places for 15 Muslim youths. Seven guests had already agreed to participate. The resort has a sauna and a swimming pool. Moussa himself denies responsibility for the message. In a response he says: “I am not making any trip and I have not organised anything. I was asked to share the message and that is what I had have done”.

The appeal worries the Belgian security services. After all, the camp is not intended to be a pleasant outing among Muslim youth, but a training camp for Jihadi warriors who intend to fight in Syria. Numerous Belgian jihadists had gone on similar excursions in the south of the country before their departure, confirm several sources to the newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad”.

Notify the parents of minors about their possible participation in the training of jihadists in the Ardennes. That appeal was made by MP Bart Somers in the Belgian parliament to the Minister of Home affairs, Joëlle Milquet (CDH). The Minister had stated that in case of criminal offenses, the judicial authorities will be informed and will take their responsibility.
Source: Het Nieuwsblad


Roni said...

The Jihad camp in the Ardennes is supposed to be a training camp for Jihadis who are preparing themselves to fight in Syria. Intelligent people understand that training camps, as the one in the Aredennes, are preparing European Jihadis - at the long run - to fight AGAINST US. The ‘Gutmenschen’ belonging to ‘Generation ’68 and the ‘Milton Friedman generation’ (born in the ’60 and ’70 and are adepts of the total Darwinistic egoism) fail to understand that returning Jihadis are ‘ticking bombs’. They posses all round military experience in guerrilla war, they are trained in excesses and war crimes of the worst sort, they are brainwashed and highly motivated to destroy, in the name of Allah, the European society and kill indigenous. The left wing idealistic fools at the political top of European countries and EU live in a delusion ‘the poor young boys’ come back home to mam and dad with ‘war trauma’s’ and need good psychological care (paid by the ‘dumb Dhimmies’). Liberals and left wingers with ‘sense of reality’ think also about the money they can ‘cash’ from Muslim lobby’s and Muslim oil countries and put it on a Swiss bank account. We do not need the qualifucations of Nostradamus to know that in due course the ‘shit will hit the fan’. We will stay all alone!. One morning we will realize the leaders are simply gone …disappeared. It would be exactly like it was in a bright day in May 1940; when the Dutch government of De Geer had left the country with queen Wilhelmina. And the Dutch folk? They could go to hell with the German invaders.

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