Thursday, 17 October 2013

This jihad flag is flying on a building in Gothenburg, close to a mosque that has been linked to the al-Shabab network. Alongside it fly Swedish, Pakistani and Bosnian flags.
"This is a common Muslim flag and we set it up just because it is the time of the Eid celebration," says the imam Sejdulija Huskic in English when meets him at the assembly hall.

But many people perceive it as an al-Qaeda flag, are you aware of that?

"There is no reason for concern. I cannot understand why people are linking it with Al Qaeda," says Sejdulija Huskic.

Will you take down the flag?
"Yes, when the Eid celebration is over," says imam Sejdulija Huskic.

But just hours after published its article on the flag, it was taken down.
Source: Expressen Via: Avpixlat


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Well done Sweden give them more rights they are such a nice people. Look at Swedesh flag is smaller than the rest hahahhahahahaha

Walter Sieruk said...

By flying that flag they are exposing their true intentions of their like for the militant jihadism of Islam with all its murderous violence. These Muslims may not understand that in flying that flag they are showing their true colors.

Anonymous said...

A nation of brave explorers and warriors reduced to a girlyfied society where you offer your daughters to the invaders!! My heart is bleedig over sweden, If there is a country with a cleaner past i would like to know.
What have they done to deserve this?

Christer said...

Girlyfied country, yes in deed.

This imam is lying thru his teeth.

The black flag is the flag of Jihad.

Anonymous said...

The men are definitely whipped, I wonder why...

Anonymous said...

The imam is ilitterate. The words on the flag are not the shahada (the commom muslim credo as he says), but a call to jihad.

Pica pica said...

The imam is talking to an infidel so he's using taqiyya....

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