Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This happened at Mineo refugee centre in Catania, Sicily. The "asylum seekers" apparently want their claims to be processed more quickly.


Maria José said...

Marroquí detenido por intentar secuestrar a una niña de 4 años en un colegio de Motril (Granada)

El detenido, 52 años, gritó "Vamos a invadir esto, nosotros educaremos a vuestros hijos, se impondrá el islam en Al-Andalus".

Roni said...

Where are our friends from the Maffia? Why do they not handle the matter in the Al Capone and Don Corleone way? This shit is envading their own home, going to mug their own people and rape their own women?

Anonymous said...

the maffia has been snuffed out largely, unfortunate because they were probably the least troublesome gang.

Anonymous said...

And we are told b mainstream media to pity these sad savages. Thank you for informing us correctly. Keep up the fantastic work

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